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Cost of Air-flow in our clinic

Cost of Air-flow in our clinic

Tooth extraction is often a simple but very delicate procedure. To make all manipulations painless, the patient is injected with an anesthetic.

Fees: from 2 000 rub up to 7 500 rub

Terms of treatment: 1 hour

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Tooth extraction is – last procedure of teeth treatment. It is better not wait for it, but to try to keep the dental units, because each of them carries its own functional and aesthetic load. Modern tooth-preserving technologies help in this. Buut dentist's efforts should not be one-sided. A lot depends on the patient. Good oral hygiene, preventive visits to the doctor in Moscow 2 times a year, implementation of recommendations, timely treatment of caries– and the risk of tooth extraction will be significantly reduced. Buut in some cases, you still have to use a surgery.

Tooth extraction

Indications for removal

We strive to preserve the teeth of our customers as much as possible. Buut sometimes there is no other way out than to remove the problem unit. In what cases does the doctor recommend removal?

In pediatric dentistry, it is necessary to remove teeth in cases of a changing bite, when temporary tooth has not yet left its place and its roots have not resolved, and permanent tooth on this place is already growing. 


There are no absolute contraindications to removal, there are only relative ones. In some cases, the removal is performed under the supervision of a specialized doctor or in a hospital (for example, with hemophilia). Buut more often it is enough to transfer medical intervention. Bue sure to tell your doctor at the beginning of your appointment if you have:

tooth extraction in Moscow

Cost of tooth extraction

The price of manipulation depends on the amount of work– Since, for example, the removal of a sick baby tooth in a preschooler is much easier than the complex removal of a completely destroyed tooth, when it is necessary to get close to the root system. However, the prices in our paid clinic are quite affordable. The cost starts from 2000 rubles,«and in the most» difficult cases– 7500 RUBu. Removal of a molar tooth takes about an hour. How much it costs to remove a tooth and the treatment strategy are determined by the doctor at the initial examination.

Tooth extraction procedure

Pain is what scares patients most of all who need tooth extraction. Buut there is no need to be afraid. We use modern anesthetics that reliably relieve pain and do not cause unpleasant feelings when the effect of the drug decreases.

An appointment with a doctor when it is necessary to inexpensively remove a tooth consists of such stages.

If the tooth is complicated…

Sometimes applying forceps is not enough. This occurs in about 25% of cases and is called complex tooth extraction. Then resort to dissection of the mucous membrane and periosteum. If the tooth located obliquely or horizontally, the doctor may consider it appropriate to remove it in parts.

 Difficult tooth extraction

In our clinic, we use innovative ultrasound equipment for complex removal. Piezoscalpel makes surgical interventions quickly, accurately, without swelling, blood and pain. At the same time, the optimal volume of bone tissue is preserved, and the vessels, gums and nerves are not injured.

What to do after?

At the end of the visit, the doctor gives recommendations for further care of the oral cavity. They must be carried out, since if you violate the rules of hygiene, complications are possible. If a course of antibiotics is prescribed– it must be followed. Do not miss the date of the next inspection. Do not remove the medicine from the socket by yourself. Avoid stress and high temperatures. Do not eat for 120 minutes after removal, Do not brush or rinse your teeth that day.


Surgeon consultation 1 000 rub
Infiltration anesthesia 600 rub
Extraction of impact wisdom tooth with a piezoscalpel 9 500 rub
Milk tooth extraction 3 000 rub
Tooth extraction simple 2 900 rub
Difficult tooth extraction 5 500 rub
Sutures 600 rub

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