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Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction

Nowadays, the 3rd molars have long lost their importance and necessity.

Fees: from 7 900 rub up to 8 800 rub

Terms of treatment: 1 hour

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Do we need «wisdom teeth?»

Do we need«wisdom teeth?»

In terms of evolution to primitive people four«wisdom tooth»growing eighths in a row were necessary. It was with their help that they chewed very rough and often unprocessed food that our ancestors ate. Buut now there is more and more evidence that in the mouth of a person of the future «wisdom teeth.» they will be absent and nature itself will get rid of them.

Third molars usually erupt between 18 and 25 years old. Sometimes they are not visible at all, sometimes only partially. Doctors regularly find that the patient does not even have the rudiments.«wisdom teeth.» (approximately 8% of patients). Very rarely (about 0.1%), but it happens that the third molars are presented in a double set - usually duplicated upper.

General rule that everyone needs to remember– even if with«wisdom toothми» no problems, they need constant monitoring. And the diseases of these teeth are extremely dangerous: they can lead to diseases of the temporomandibular joints, chewing muscles, neurological disorders, tumors and neoplasms. Prophylactic examinations in our clinic in Moscow will allow inexpensively prevent problems. The price of extraction is quite affordable.

Indications for tooth extraction

Sometimes, a dental surgeon, on the contrary, recommends retaining third molars as long as possible. For example, if the jaw is initially massive and they will help to avoid«bias» the remaining teeth, forming a row. Or if deleted«2nd molars» - «wisdom teeth?» they will take their chewing function on themselves. In some cases, they are needed as a support for bridge prosthetics. Buut the rest the principle is this:«There is a problem or its risk with the third molar– it must be extracted.».

Indications for removing a wisdom tooth

The doctor will advise you to think about removing the eights, if the examination reveals:

According to studies, 80% of all third molars«wisdom teeth.» must be treated. This happens precisely because they erupt last: a place in the jaw is already taken by other teeth. Third molars are located in the mouth as they can: half crawled out, turned, and even with poor hygiene due to their distant position.

In any case, it is important that the doctor timely assesses the condition of the oral cavity and makes recommendations for further treatment.

How is the extraction of the wisdom tooth

Removal procedure«wisdom teeth.» is not easy, and it will be right to trust a qualified, experienced surgeon. First there will be an initial examination, a medical history, if necessary, they will take pictures, evaluate the cost. Our dentistry has its own equipment for x-ray 2-3-dimensional images: they are made on the scanner ORTHOPHOS XG 3D.

When removing the upper wisdom tooth, the doctor’s actions simplify as follows: anesthesia injection, grabbing the tooth with special tools, loosening it and pulling it out of the gums. The resulting socket is closed with a gauze swab soaked in an antiseptic and hemostatic agent.

It is more difficult for a doctor to remove a lower wisdom tooth. The fact is that the lower jaw due to its functions is more massive, denser and its roots are stronger. Sometimes it is necessary to drill or cut out a section of a bone to remove a problem molar. After the operation, the wound will be sutured. In our clinic, we use sophisticated expensive equipment - a piezoscalpel, with which the bone around the extracted tooth is not injured and the whole operation is much easier for the patient.

Wisdom tooth extraction

Difficult wisdom tooth extraction

Considered more difficult when the tooth initially erupted«problematic»For example, impact– not completely erupted. Or– growing with a turn, in the wrong direction. Removal of a tooth that remains at the stage of the germ – also a difficult case.

How much does it cost to extract a wisdom tooth

The price of extraction the problematic third molar«wisdom teeth?» in our clinic– from 6,700 to 7,900 rub. The cost includes consultation with a doctor, injection with an anesthetic, removal and, if necessary, suturing. The operation takes from 5 to 60 minutes in time. We recommend following simple procedures after surgical procedures: do not eat for about 2 hours and do not drink alcohol for a day. If necessary, antihistamines and pain medications will be prescribed. The doctor will also determine the date of the follow-up visit to check how the healing is going.


Surgeon consultation 1 000 rub
Infiltration anesthesia 600 rub
Removing an impacted wisdom tooth using a piezoscalpel (US) 9 500 rub
Wisdom tooth extraction 7 500 rub
Removing an Impacted wisdom Tooth 7 900 rub
Sutures 600 rub

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