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Removable denture

Removable denture

Removable prosthesis - a type of prosthodontic structures that are used in the absence of big segments of jows and the inability to place fixed prosthodontic constructures.

Fees: from 11 000 to 30 000 rub

Terms of treatment: 14 days

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In what cases do you need removable prostheses

Modern dental technologies can return the lost in almost any case. Everything in human body is connected: teeth directly affect the process of digestion of food, the work of the temporomandibular joint and even posture! For normal life, we need all the teeth to remain in their places, except for«wisdom teeth.».

Properly selected and manufactured replacement structures do not bring discomfort, easy to maintain and significantly improve the quality of life from the very beginning of use.

One of prostheses types is– removable. They can be used in the absence of at least one tooth. Doctor will recommend a removable option, if the patient has:

In most cases, the indications for such constructions appear at an older age and are associated with greater wear.«of your own».

Removable denture

What are removable dentures

Types of structures are classified according to several characteristics. According to the defect (the volume of emptiness on the jaw), they can be single, partial and complete. They are divided depending on the basis into plate and bugel (with a cast arc). Let's talk about the first in more detail.

«Анатомия» the dental plate structure is simple: elastic base repeats the relief of gums, and artificial teeth are located on it. The used material is different: acrylic, nylon, silicone. The constructure fix on the gum due to suction and a special cream.


Removable acrylic prosthesis

The most common material for making replacement structures. It is durable, load-resistant, lightweight. Users note that the acrylic prosthesis is very easy to remove and put on, easy to maintain. There are practically no contraindications to acrylic plastic. Features: during the period of habituation it can be a little discomfort due to stiffness. How much the cost of plastic removable dentures, is also important: they are easy to make and affordable for everyone.



Nylon removable prosthesis

Such products are perfect if you need to restore not a whole jaw, but only a segment. Nylon is very comfortable, does not rub gums, hypoallergenic, it does not accumulate bacteria. The design looks natural. The suction effect is achieved by the material, you will not have to worry about the constant presence of the cream. The cost of nylon products is higher than that of acrylic.



Partially-removable denture

In addition to constant wearing, sometimes such products are needed temporarily, during treatment. They can be nylon, acrylic, clasp with hooks or locks-attachments.


How to make removable dentures

The process is multi-stage. In order to use such constructions, it is necessary to prepare a patient's oral cavity as much as possible.

At the first appointment, doctor conducts an examination, collects anamnesis, discusses the treatment plan and tells about the nuances of the chosen design. It is determined which option suits best and how much the removable prosthesis costs.

Removable dentures placement

Then the preparation begins. The better condition of teeth– the shorter is preparation.

  1. Therapeutic stage: the removal of plaque and calculus deposits under gums. Treatment of identified carious and inflammatory processes. If a damaged root tooth, rather than a healthy one, is used as a support, the nerve is removed from it and sealed.
  2. Surgical stage: removal of incurable, interfering the placement outgrowths. Sometimes at the same time implantation with sinus lift is performed..
  3. Orthodontic stage: due to«gaps» in a teeth row, there is often a secondary deformation and shifting of adjacent teeth. If this happened to the support teeth, they need to be – aligned. Orthodontic plates and bracket systems are used.

And only with the treated oral cavity, doctor can make an impression. It is used in a specialized laboratory for 1-2 weeks to make a prosthesis, achieving the most natural shapes and colors. Doctor invites a patient to try on. The design should fit in your mouth as comfortably as possible. When it is achieved, the product is fixed. The dentist teaches how to put it off amd on, how to properly maintain the oral hygiene, how to care of the denture itself.

Prices of removable dentures

The cost of such prostheses in our clinic starts at 15,000 to 35,000 rubles. Full process of treatment and fabricating takes more than two weeks. We recommend not to delay the beginning of prosthetics: the longer there is not even a single molar, canine, incisor or premolar, the more uneven the load on the rest and the faster the problems can begin. The price takes into account all stages of treatment: preparation, casts, fabricating, fitting, fixation, guarantee.


Prosthodontic Consultation

1 000 rub

Removable plate prosthesis

22 000 rub

Repair of prosthesis

4 000 rub

All-on-4 prosthetics

260 000 rub

Buar fixed dental prosthesis on implants

190 000 rub

Removable plate prosthesis

22 000 rub

Removable nylon prosthesis

30 000 rub

Maryland adhesive bridge

15 000 rub

Acry-free full removable dentures

36 000 rub

Removable nylon prosthesis

30 000 rub

Partially-removable denture up to 3 units.

11 000 rub

Repair of prosthesis

4 000 rub

Laboratory correction of removable prosthesis

6 000 rub

Clinic correction of removable prosthesis

3 500 rub

Prosthesis cleaning

2 000 rub

Impression made with A-putty

2 000 rub

Impression made with C-putty

1 500 rub

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