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Buugel dentures

Buugel dentures

Buugel denture is a widely used method of treatment in orthopedic dentistry. Buugel dentures are designed to restore lost teeth and their function.

Fees: from 30 000 to 70 000 rub

Terms of treatment: 14 days

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Restoring a natural smile, the ability to chew food normally, speak clearly is– what attracts in prosthetics. Modern technologies allow you to create individual, perfectly suitable designs, imperceptible in use and easy to care in short period of time. Depending on the situation, our clinic in Moscow can offer various options: from implantation to clasp prosthesis. We will tell you in detail clinic all about those types of prosthetic methods.

Buugel denture

What is a bugel denture

This is a design in which artificial teeth are placed on a cast metal arc.«Buügel» in German means«arc», hence the name. Different metals are used for its production: cobalt, zirconium, chromium and even gold.

The arch and artificial teeth are connected with a plastic base made of acetal, which imitates the gum. They  can be made, at the customer's choice, from durable plastic or ceramic.

The main advantage of such prosthetics– maximum reliability and durability. You can sleep with them at night, sometimes they are worn for weeks without removing. Our clients note that the addiction is instant, after a few hours there is no feeling of a foreign body in the mouth. That is why such designs are very popular. Of course, the price-quality combination also attracts.«»After all, if you calculate the cost of one day of use, this option is the cheapest. How much a bugel denture costs depends on the model.

There are several varieties of such designs.

Simple (clasp denture)

Simple (clasp dentures) prosthesis

This is a classic version, loved by customers for its simplicity and high reliability. The hook-clammer is located on the arc, and is fixed on a tooth. You can see them in your mouth if you look closely. The main advantage of this method of fastening is the uniformity of load distribution and the rarely happening technical problems with the product.


On attachment fixation

Prosthesis on attachments

Attachments (attachmen)– are tiny locks for fixing the arc. They are mounted on a metal crown.– на опорный зуб. Usually 4 crowns are enough. Such structures are ideal when it comes to partial prosthetics. To distinguish them from real teeth is almost impossible.


Prosthetics: indications and contraindications

General rule for wearing removable dentures– the inability to install dental implants for some reason. Also the support– of several teeth on which the structure will be fixed is required. Similar products for also proved themselves in cases of restorations of front row on the upper or lower jaws. Unlike many other orthodontic systems, braces can be used for patients with periodontal disease: they fix unstable teeth in the gums and prevent their loss.

Buut not in all cases, the bugel option will suit a patient. Some contraindications are temporary, for example: oral diseases (stomatitis and others).

Placement of a bugel denture

On the contrary, some of them are– permanent, because they are caused by anatomical features:

The dentist will also not be able to pick the product if the patient has a chronic neurological or mental illness, or a pathology that provokes a deficiency of bone tissue. Those who are allergic to metals or other used materials will have to choose a different design.

Stages of treatment

Preparation for prosthetics consists in sanitizing the mouth, preparing the supporting teeth (first temporary crowns will be put on). Everything happens under local anesthesia, which means that it is painless. Next, you need to take a picture of the jaw and a silicone cast, which will be sent to the laboratory. then doctor and patient select the color of the future artificial teeth.

When the laboratory produces the design, doctor tries it on and«fits» it to a client and teach the technique of use.

price of bugel dentures

In our clinic, bugel dentures cost starts at 30 000 to 70 000 rubles. the Total treatment time is two weeks. The cost includes full cycle of preparation and making prosthesis, including fixing and guarantee. The treatment time is 14 days from the first appointment to the beginning of using.

Doctor will tell you how to put a product off and on, how to properly care of it and when to attend a doctor. It's easy. After each meal, be sure to wash the product with a special toothpaste and brush. You can use soluble disinfectant tablets. Ultrasonic bath has also good reviews from those who use it . Periodically it is necessary to clean the structure at doctor.


Prosthodontic Consultation

1 000 rub

Simple clasp prosthesis

30 000 rub

Prosthesis on attachments

70 000 rub

Clasp prosthesis repair in the laboratory

9 500 rub

Repairing of prosthesis in laboratory in clinic

4 500 rub

Impression made with A-putty

2 000 rub

Impression made with C-putty

1 500 rub

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