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Ceramic-metal crowns

Ceramic-metal crown - a prosthetic construction that serves to restore the full chewing and aesthetic function of the tooth. It consists of two materials, which in total give strength and good aesthetics.

Fees: from 14 000 rub

Terms of treatment: 7 days

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Cermets characteristics

Ceramic-metal crowns– one of the most successful dental solutions, existing for many decades. First time such crowns were presented in 1962, at the International Dental Exhibition and made a splash. Since then, technology has stepped forward.– now third-generation metal-ceramic prosthetics are being used, which have excellent resistance to temperatures and acids. They are not inexpensive, durable and long-lasting, and still look great in your mouth!

Cermets characteristics

For prostheses use special dental ceramics and an adapted metal alloy. In our clinic in Moscow, zirconium dioxide and emax metal-free ceramics are used. Their advantages are increased strength, no need to reduce tooth structures a lot. They are also more convenient because there won't be a black stripe around the gum.

Advantages of ceramic-metal crowns

Advantages of ceramic-metal crowns

Many patients choose metal ceramics– it is time-tested, the installation procedure does not cause any inconvenience.

  • Ceramic is smooth – practically no plaque forms on it.
  • It is strong– can be used almost in any cases and restor large gaps.
  • It is inert– that means a new tooth coating will not change color over time. And you can choose a shade with almost 100 percent hit.
  • It is based on a solid cast frame.– This provides high strength and allows patient not to change eating habits.


Since the construction is kind of a«case,»that means that the first indication for it– teeth without pulp or with large fillings. Typically, cermets are placed on molars, but you can use them on front teeth also.

Cermets are prescribed if:

  • The integrity of the tooth is broken or the color of the enamel is changed. This can happen due to injuries, certain diseases (fluorosis, caries, etc.)
  • «Natural» enamel is characterized by increased abrasion.

Whom we can't prescribe ceramic-metal crowns

Cermet is not suitable for children and adolescents, this method is allowed only for adults. Some people have thin-walled teeth. In such cases, you will have to use a different restoration method.

There are temporary contraindications– untreated caries, gum disease, or recrudescence of chronic diseases. After treatment, the crown is allowed.

Ceramic fixing procedure

Like any dental manipulation, placing of a ceramic-metal prosthesis begins with preparation. Doctor examines the oral cavity and conduct an x-ray examination. This is necessary in order to timely detect possible inflammation and condition of canals. Sometimes before installing cermets, first you have to re-seal. Also at this stage the pulp is often being removed, old fillings are being replaced.

If tooth is too much damaged, a special pin is being prepared and installed.

Ceramic placing


When the oral cavity is prepared, doctor gets to grinding. He removes tooth structures from all sides equal to the thickness of the future prosthesis.– If undergrind or overgrind, the tooth will not be able to perform its functions.

Then the doctor takes the cast and passes it to dental technician. While the latter makes the crown, the tooth is protected with a temporary plastic frame. This stage is followed by the fitting and permanent fixation of the cermet.

Total placing time is –  about two weeks.

The total cost of placing a ceramic-metal crown with crown cost

The cost of cermets with crown cost starts at 14,000 p. and depends on the volume of preparatory manipulations, types of materials used (metal alloy, ceramics, cement). The guarantee on the prosthesis made of cermet - 12 months. And the service life of the product is about 8-10 years. In this case, the patient’s age is important: in older people, due to the characteristics of the gums, the denture's lifetime decrease to 6-7 years.

Product Care

Ceramic-metal crowns

Routine oral hygiene also extends to crown carriers. It is enough to thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day and use an irrigator and floss if recommended. Superhard foods such as nuts and crackers should be avoided.– It is not good for teeth and gastrointestinal tract.

If a small chip occurs (for example, due to hard food), you must contact the clinic– most likely, it will be possible to fix the damage without removing the cermet. This manipulation is carried out in the same way as with ordinary teeth: the doctor applies a hardening filling mixture, grinds it and grinds it to make the tooth look like new.

Shortly before the end of the guaranty period, it makes sense to take an x-ray so that in case of problems identified, it can be cured under the guarantee.


Photos before and after

cermet crown before and after example-1

cermet crown before and after example-2

cermet crown before and after example-3


Prosthodontic Consultation

1 000 rub

Ceramic-metal crown

14 000 rub

Removal of a ceramic-metal crown by sawing

1 000 rub

Ceramic-metal crown on the Astra Tech implant

35 000 rub.

Emax metalless crown

33 000 rub

Removal of a ceramic-metal crown with an ultrasonic apparatus

1 000 rub

Artificial gums on metal-ceramic crown

3 000 rub.

Metal-ceramic crown on the implant

29 000 rub

Temporary plastic crown made in clinic

2 000 rub

Artificial gums on metal-ceramic crown

3 000 rub

Impression made with an alginate mass

1 000 rub

Removing a ceramic-metal crown with a crown remover

600 rub

Impression made with A-putty

2 000 rub

Impression made with C-putty

1 500 rub

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