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Zirconium crowns

Zirconium crowns are an excellent option of restoration for teeth with significant destruction of the crown of the tooth. Due to their excellent aesthetic properties and high strength, they are excellent for chewing teeth.

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Terms of treatment: 7 days

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Zirconium crowns– One of the best options for the restoration of damaged teeth. They are suitable for the restoration of both front and chewing units. The popularity of this material is due to its excellent biocompatibility, reliability and durability. Mineral can be painted in any desired color. And due to light reflectance and natural translucency, such designs are almost indistinguishable from real teeth. Smile will be beautiful and natural from any angle and lighting.

Material characteristics

Zirconia crowns

Zirconium dioxide– it is a natural material compound from– silicic acid salts. Yttrium and aluminum are added to it to stabilize and increase bending strength. In addition to dental practice, it is actively used for prosthetics in audiology and orthopedics. Studies have shown the long-term preservation of all the qualities of the mineral and its bioinertness in relation to the human body. This means that zirconium is safe even for allergy sufferers, and the appearance of prostheses will not change over time.

In our clinic, this material for prostheses is used in two versions:

  • First is– zirconium frame with ceramic covering.
  • And second– fully zirconia prosthesis on implants.

The choice of a specific option depends on the problem that the patient must solve.

How is zirconia crown fabricated?

Zirconia crown

A putty impression is made from a problem tooth.– It is transferred to an authorized laboratory. There the CAD / CAM system comes into play: the scanner creates a 3D model of the future tooth based on the impression and transfers information to the milling machine. He grinds a prosthesis from single crystal of dioxide/Then, the prosthesis is covered with a layer of ceramic or zirconium, painted in desired color, subjected to final processing and– annealing.

Maximum automation of this complex process eliminates«human factor» and eliminates mistakes. Adjustment is almost never required: an exact device creates a perfect copy of the tooth. As a result, the crown is ideal for the patient, does not stand out from other teeth and looks quite like a real one. If you do not tell others about prosthetic– they cannot be noticed!

How are zirconium crowns placed?

The peculiarity of prosthetics in this way is that it is performed in several doctor's appointments.

At the first visit, the dentist carefully examines the oral cavity, discusses a treatment plan with the patient. If necessary, treatment of problem areas will be performed. You can not put a crown on diseased teeth. If there is inflammation, you must first cure it.

Teeth are prepared for fixation of prostheses: this manipulation is called preparation. Unlike other types of prosthetics, for zirconium doctor don't need to remove much tissues. Then the doctor takes an impression and closes the tooth with a temporary plastic crown.

At the next appointment, the finished product will be installed in the mouth and fixed with dental cement. It is important that thin durable prostheses are securely attached to the tooth, adhering to it and preventing the development of infections due to the penetration of pathogenic flora. And since crowns made of zirconium dioxide are a non-metal product, the galvanic reaction (darkening of the gums) is also excluded.

How are zirconium crowns placed?

Indications and contraindications

In what cases does the dentist suggest to make zirconium crowns?

  • If the front or chewing teeth are lost or significantly damaged, or there is a need to make a large bridge structure (up to 6 elements).
  • If the patient does not tolerate other methods of prosthetics due to intolerance. Zirconium is bioinert and ideal for allergic patients.
  • Aesthetic prosthetics on implants are required.

Price of zirconium crowns

Price of zirconia crown in Moscow begins at 28 000 rub. and depends on how many teeth need to be restored and which prosthetics option is most suitable for the patient. For example, a crown on an implant costs 49,000 rub. When calculating need to take into account:

  • examination by a doctor
  • preparation of problem areas,
  • making an impression, prosthesis,
  • installation and fixation.

Guarantee isна циркониевые коронкand– lifelong. With regular medical supervision and oral hygiene, you can forget about the absence«of your own» teeth forever. Some special care for zirconium crowns is not required, but the selection of a brush, paste, irrigator and dental floss should be carried out only by a dentist.


Prosthodontic Consultation

1 000 rub

Ceramic crown on zirconium oxide

36 000 rub

Zirconia crown on the implant

49 000 rub

Lab-made temporary plastic crown

3 500 rub

Individual spoon making

4 000 rub

Impression made with A-putty

2 000 rub

Impression made with C-putty

1 500 rub

Removable prosthetics in dental clinic "Sana Dent". Clasp and removable dentures that are used in orthopedic dentistry in the absence of most of the teeth.

16 000 rub

Individual zirconia abutment

23 000 rub

Zirconia crown on the Astra Tech implant

56 000 rub

Zirconia crown Cerec

26 000 rub

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