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Ceramic crown

All-ceramic crown is an excellent option for prosthetics with significant destruction of a crown part of a tooth. Due to their high aesthetic properties, they are perfect for the front group of teeth.

Fees: from 24,000 rubles to 49,000 rubles

Terms of treatment: from 1 hour to 7 days

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Modern dentistry offers many methods of restoring lost teeth. Metal-free prosthetics is becoming an increasingly popular service. This is a safe and affordable material that creates beautiful and durable structures that delight patients for many years. 

Many Muscovites who came to our clinic have already appreciated all the advantages of metal-free ceramics, especially for the restoration of the front row.

What is an all-ceramic crown

All-ceramic crown

The properties of ceramics are very similar to real teeth. It is not rejected by the human body, does not cause an allergic and galvanic reaction, and is durable. Unlike metal prostheses, ceramics do not affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract and can not cause changes in the oral mucosa.

These products are very light, which reduces the period of habituation, there is no feeling of a foreign body in the mouth. And most importantly,– ceramics look very natural. No one will suspect that you have used the services of prosthetics!

The crown is made of medical porcelain, which has the best reviews from dentists and patients. For example, German E.max ceramics used by us is created by pressing at high pressure. This provides very high resistance to wear structures and, consequently, the durability of the prostheses.   - пожизненная.

Features of making metal-free ceramics

Ceramics crowns

High-precision CAD/CAM technology with with CEREC system is used for prostheses fabricating.–It allows you to create a new tooth in just one step, and there is no need to make a separate silicone impression and wait a few days for the crown to be ready. A special scanner examines the problem area, a 3D impression and a model of the prosthesis is created on the computer. A milling machine grinds a ceramic crown in 15 minutes.

We also practice fabrication of non-removable metal-free crowns in an authorized dental laboratory in Moscow. It takes a few days, but not more than a week. The process is maximally computerized, as a result, finale prostheses are ideal for patients. The choice of a particular model is determined together by a doctor and a patient.

Care for such prostheses is simple, but it must be constant and thorough. The doctor will give recommendations on how and by what means to carry out daily oral hygiene. We must not forget about regular visits to the dentist for control. With proper hygiene, the service life of prostheses is lifelong.

Indications for ceramics

Most often, ceramics are used for the restoration of frontal units. For chewing teeth, it is less suitable, since they carry an increased load when processing solid food.

We list the indications for the installation of all-ceramic structures. Those are:

  • Loss of front units, one or more.
  • Enamel pathologies (congenital or acquired, for example, due to injury) and various aesthetic defects.
  • Intolerance of metals and their oxides.

Thus, ceramics solves two problems at once: restoration of teeth functions and aesthetic appearance. If the patient no longer shy about his smile– it reflects positive in his life! Porcelain does not absorb the color and odors of food, does not crack or crumble.

There are not many contraindications to metal-free restorations. These are mostly temporary situations: pregnancy, untreated teeth, or inflammation in the mouth.

Ceramic crowns placement

How much does a ceramic dental crown cost

Cost of metal-free structures made with Cerec starts from 18 000 rub for 1 tooth. For laboratory products, cost starts at 28 000.  Price include:

  • Primary doctor's appointment
  • Tooth and gums preparation. Minimum non-traumatic grinding is required
  • Making a silicone mold, selecting the color of the future prosthesis.
  • with CEREC apparatus or laboratory fabrication
  • Reliable fixation of a crown on cement. Metal-free ceramics are fixed very firmly, creating a monolith construction and eliminating the penetration of infections.

Our clinic offers several options for ceramic prosthetics. Depending on the selected type of crowns, a doctor determine the cost of dental restoration and the number of necessary appointments. The cost of ceramics depends on what materials are used, what method is used to create prostheses and what amount of restoration work is expected by a doctor. The minimum number of visits to a doctor to place a ceramic crown 1.– Maximum waiting time for the prosthesis to be ready, if it is made in laboratory is 7 days.– 7 days.


Prosthodontic Consultation

1 000 rub

Ceramic zirconium crown laboratory made

36 000 rub

Emax ceramic onlay restoration

Emax ceramic post and core

Ceramic zirconium crown on Osstem implant

49 000 rub

Ceramic crown на оксиде циркония на импланте Astra tech

56 000 rub

Ceramic zirconia Cerec crown

26 000 rub

Emax Crown

Emax ceramic post and core

with CEREC ceramic crown

24 000 rub

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