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Micro-prosthetics of teeth (inlay)

Inlays - ceramic inserts, allowing you to replace extensive fillings, protect the tooth and extend its life.

Fees: 24 000 rub.

Terms of treatment: 1 hour

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What is an inlay?

Ceramic inlay– is an orthopedic construction made of ceramic, and inserted into the tooth, restoring its anatomical shape and functionality.

The ABuSOLUTE indication for inlay placement is the destruction of the crown part of the tooth more than 50%.

Advantage of an inlay compare to fillings

With a large filling, tooth will break and chip

If it is chipped deep enough, such a tooth can not be restored and it will have to be removed;

There is a recurrent caries over the years as a result under the filling

Filling– is a polymer and accordingly it deforms, losing its tightness

To make a huge filling last for many years, some doctors make them just below the bite, thereby removing the load from this tooth. This leads to the fact that the neighboring teeth are overloaded, as a result, wedge-shaped defects,«»cracks, chippes appear.;

All this leads to a plenty of huge fillings on teeth, low bite and deformation of the temporomandibular joint, which manifests itself as a click of the joint, the usual dislocation, tinnitus and headache.

Inlays are not deformed and can not be erased

Ceramic inlays allow you to avoid these consequences, as they can withstand load many times higher than the maximum load for a filling.

Placement of inlays

In our clinic, ceramic inlays are made without removing casts in just 1 hour!

The computer scans your teeth, determines the correct height and shape of necessary inlay, and then gives the command to the device«cerec»which grinds out the necessary restoration from a ceramic block in 10 minutes!


Prosthodontic Consultation 1 000 rub.?
Infiltration anesthesia 600 rub.
Post and core CoCr 8 500 rub.
Zirconia post-and-core 16 000 rub.
with CEREC ceramic inlay 24 000 rub.

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Surgeon-implantologist, Ph.D.

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