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Comprehensive oral hygiene

Comprehensive oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene is an easy and simple way to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Fees: from 3,000 to 7,000

Terms of treatment: 1 hour

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How often should professional dental hygiene be performed?

comprehensive oral hygiene before and after

«Cleaning» - a useful dental procedure aimed at preventing periodontal diseases and significantly improve the appearance of teeth. The frequency of its implementation is very individual, and primarily depends on the state of the teeth and home care.еденных реставраций в полостandрта andиндивидуальной чувствительности. Некоторым пациентам профессиональная гигиена полостandрта показана раз в полгода илandреже. А некоторым – It should be done once every three months, or even more often. Only a specialist can determine the exact schedule of procedures.

The frequency and method of professional hygiene is set by the dentist. Compliance with the doctor's recommendations will save on further treatment and restoration. After all poor quality unprofessional care leads«» to the loss of teeth. The volume of work depends on price for cleaning.«» In our dentistry, the cost of professional cleaning is quite affordable.


What is the essence of hygienic cleaning?

Several types of plaque are formed on teeth. The soft one is usually easily removed on its own, with regular thorough cleaning. Buut the effectiveness of home oral care is related to the devices used. Despite the diverse selection of brushes and pastes in Moscow stores, the hardness of the brush and the type of toothpaste, as well as the need for additional tools such as floss, irrigator prescribes only doctor after an examination. Hard plaque over the gums is more difficult to remove. Electric brushes partially cope with it. Buut to eliminate it completely, as well as remove stones, can only a specialist. This happens because the structure of the teeth is quite complex, and no tools used at home, can not provide enough quality of cleaning and penetrate into all need of care places.

Thus, oral hygiene is a necessary addition to home care. The remnants of soft and hard plaque forme stone - something that must be removed with special medical devices. And do not expect to get rid of them at home.


Professional hygiene

The choice of the method of oral hygiene depends not only on the condition of the teeth of a particular client, but also on his health. Buefore starting the manipulation, the dentist collects anamnesis. This information is necessary for choosing the right method of dental care, so do not hide diseases.

Professional hygiene is contraindicated in cancer patients, people with blood clotting disorders. It is impossible to carry out the procedure in the acute phase of various diseases: for example, mouth inflammations such as stomatitis, herpes, etc. Also have to wait after tooth extraction.

Ultrasonic dental cleaning is not used in people with a pacemaker. Sandblasting methods of cleaning the oral cavity are prohibited in case of exacerbation of pulmonary and respiratory diseases.

Children, until they are 14 years old, can only use the most careful methods of oral hygiene..


General practitioner consultation

1 000 rub

Removal of dental deposits by ultrasound from 1 tooth

200 rub

Removal of dental deposits Air-Flow (2 jaws)

3 000 rub

Removal of dental deposits - easy case (treatment with polishing paste, strengthening of teeth with fluorides)

3 500 rub

Removal of dental deposits - medium case (removal of pigmented plaque by Air-Flow method, polishing paste treatment, teeth strengthening with fluorides)

5 500 rub

Removal of dental deposits - severe case (removal of hard dental deposits by ultrasound, removal of pigmented plaque by Air-Flow method, treatment with polishing paste, strengthening of teeth with fluorides)

7 500 rub

Polishing of 1 tooth

500 rub

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