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Individual trays remineralization

Individual trays remineralization

Individual trays are transparent, thin and elastic removable pads created individually for your dentition.

Fees: 2 500 rub

Terms of treatment: 1 hour

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What are trays used for?

Individual trays are used to whiten teeth at home, to remineralize enamel, protect teeth and relax muscles and joints in case of bruxism (night gnashing of teeth), as well as used in sports to protect against unwanted injuries.

What is remineralization of enamel? 

Since enamel is on 97% consists from inorganic elements (phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, carbon), it, like our body, needs strengthening and nutrition, i.e. remineralization. This painless and very effective procedure is suitable for prevention other diseases at any age.



General practitioner consultation

1 000 rub

Impression made with C-putty

1 000 rub

Production of individual tray

2 500 rub

Reception lead

Leonova Oksana Vilyevna

Chief doctor, prosthetist, therapist

Khachaturov Henri Eduardovich

Surgeon-implantologist, Ph.D.

Eremenko Olga Sergeevna


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