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Air Flow teeth cleaning

Air Flow teeth cleaning

Air Flow is a method of removing pigmented dental plaque by abrasive method using a sandblaster.

Fees: 3 000 rub

Terms of treatment: 30 minutes

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Coffee, tea, cigarettes stain the plaque, giving it an unpleasant shade. This is very noticeable from the outside: the smile becomes dull and unattractive, it can be a bad smell from a mouth.

Professional hygiene and thorough home care come to the rescue.

Why do you need professional teeth cleaning

Professional hygiene is– the choice of those who take care of their health. Air Flow is part of a hygienic procedure, which is carried out before the treatment of teeth and gums. It removes plaque, prevents the formation of stone, reduces halitosis (smell from the mouth) by removing plaque and granulations from the gingival pockets. And, as a bonus, the smile becomes a few shades lighter!The main difference of this procedure of other whitening methods is  that it is also suitable for those who use crowns, veneers, implants and other types of prostheses.

In addition, the doctor will recommend air Flow cleaning: before installing and after removing braces, before fluoridation or chemical bleaching, before various types of prosthetics. This method of hygiene perfectly prepares the work surface, which means that crowns, veneers, luminaires will hold steady and reliable. At the same time, neither enamel nor gums are injured.

Advantages of the method:

Advantages of air Flow dental cleaning

How the Air Flow system works

This device is made in Switzerland by EMS. «»The name reflects the essence of the manipulation: a jet consisting of compressed air, water and a special fine-grained powder-sand is applied to the surface under pressure.

One of the components of the powder is– calcium bicarbonate, a well-known soda. The result is an air-abrasive treatment that allows you to clean even hard-to-reach areas.

The result is very pleasant to customers! Enamel brightens by 2-3 tones. Buut that's not all. Since all the teeth are carefully cleaned, the light is better reflected from them. This means that others will definitely notice your beautiful smile! The bad smell associated with the plaque disappears. Our clients note that they feel freshness and lightness the mouth after cleaning for a long time.

Removing plaque Air Flow

What is the process of plaque removal

We will tell you how the manipulation is carried out. First, the doctor must make an initial examination.

The procedure itself goes like this. It won't take long, about half an hour. The client's eyes are protected with special glasses, the lips are treated from drying out, and the saliva pump is fixed in the mouth. After that, the doctor carefully handles the Air-Flow plaque removal system, without touching the gums, with the Air-Fow.«Assistant» collects excess in a special medical vacuum cleaner. At the end, the teeth are ground with a special brush and polishing paste with Titan pro. This action improves the enamel, making it more resistant to external influences.

Contraindications for cleaning

There are few contraindications to Air-Flow. These are mainly serious diseases: cardiovascular diseases, HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, epilepsy, diabetes and asthma. In addition, you will not be able to use this method of hygiene, if the client has very thin and problematic enamel, there are areas of demineralization. If the amount of plaque is very large, the doctor will recommend another way to get rid of it.

Price for Air-flow cleaning in Moscow

Cost of Air Flow in our clinic 3,000 rubles (for both jaws). The time is required - 30-40 minutes.

Cleaning зубов air flow

Doctor will tell you about the important rules of mouth care after cleaning. First couple of hours it is necessary to save the refreshed updated teeth. The organic film-cuticle is removed now, and a new one is formed from saliva only after some time. So, it is better to refrain from Smoking and taking hard or coloring food and drinks. You can drink americano and cappuccino only in 2-3 hours. After this time, there are no restrictions, you can live in the usual rhythm.

Air-flow teeth cleaning is– a procedure that should be repeated periodically. Just like we take care of the skin. All plaque accumulates at different times. Most often, the need for repeated cleaning occurs after six months. Buut the exact time of the new visit will be called by dentist. Discuss with him how you care for the oral cavity at home, which brush and paste to choose. Only a professional can determine which tools are right for you.


Consultation of the dentist

1 000 rub

Removal of dental deposits Air Flow (2 jaws)

3 000 rub

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