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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

Treatment of tooth canals - is a procedure, witch is necessary in case of inflammation of the neurovascular bundle of the tooth, including a number of manipulations.

Fees: from 1000 rub

Terms of treatment: from 1 hour

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Endodontics– it is a branch of medicine that surveys and treats «the inward parts» of teeth. Such doctors can be called jewelers of dentistry because that procedure requires such precise movements and attentiveness.

Stages of root canal treatment

This procedure is long, it is impossible to carry out in one visit. First, a specialist examines the patient, makes a diagnosis, draws up and discusses with the patient a plan for future treatment of the canals.

Next step is opening the cavity and its preparation – dentin is being removed with burs, access to the roots is organized. If necessary, the patient is anesthetized. Buut sometimes, nerve inside the tooth is already dead (due to a previous unsuccessful treatment), then there is no need for anesthesia.

Please note: the procedure necessarily occurs using special expensive binocular devices. Without good overview of the workspace, it will not be possible to treat teeth qualitatively. They help to relieve eye strain for a doctor during dental procedures and provide a clear enlarged image.

лечение зубных каналов

Making good access to the pulp and pulp removal

At the next stage, the tooth is opened with elongated burs, removing the arch of the internal pulp cavity. Sometimes you have to expand access by removing healthy tissue.

Then again, with bors and hand tools the pulp is removed. Then the channel is processed using flexible and durable file up to the apex of the root.– it's some kind of a thin dental «rasp» used for processing root walls.

Processing and restoration

Dental canal processing

Then the doctor proceeds to work on the canals, cleaning them from the destroyed dentin tissue. He starts from the thinnest files, then change it on widerer ones. At the same time, antiseptics and medicines that wash dentin are inserted. At the end of the manipulation, everything is dried and sealed. Guttapercha pins and self-hardening pastes are used for that. In some cases, the final filling is not carried out immediately, but it is temporarily filled with various anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and bone tissue repair substances, if pus and swelling are present.

Then it remains only to put the lining material and restore the crown. After that, you can enjoy a healed tooth.

Indications and contraindications

First of all, endodontic intervention will be necessary if the patient is diagnosed with acute or chronic pulpitis or inflammation of the tissue around the root, called periodontitis. In addition, it is indicated if, due to an injury, the internal cavity in which the pulp is located is damaged.

As with any medical procedure, treatment has contraindications. In which cases the doctor will say that the procedure will be ineffective and the problem tooth will have to be removed?

tooth cavity processing

How long does dental canal treatment take?

The process is not fast. The fact is that the dentist painstakingly and thoroughly «passes» the steps, and mistakes can cost the patient big price, due to a high risk of infection. Therefore, each stage of the work is necessarily followed by an x-ray to make sure everything goes according to plan. We try to save patients time and do as much as possible in one visit.

But in some cases, root canal treatment (when there are cysts or extensive inflammation) lasts for several weeks and months. This is a situation where rush is contraindicated. Patient's patience is the same important factor in the success of the manipulations as the qualification of the dentist. A good doctor will not allow any retreatment or poor-quality treatment of the tooth cavity.

The cost of treatment of tooth canals in Moscow

What does the cost of treatment comprise? It is influenced by the expansion of the inflammatory process and the number of root canals. In turn, it depends on how many consumables and procedures will be needed to recover. The cost starts from 1000 rub.

Buut it's worth it: according to statistics, in 97% of cases, endodontic procedures are effective and allow you to save a tooth, without removal. Saving on treatment now, in the near future it will be necessary to resort to more expensive implantation or prosthetics!


Консультация терапевта1000 rub
Временная пломба800 rub
Изоляция системой коффердам500 rub
Механическая, медикаментозная обработка корневого канала1 000 rub
Временное пломбирование корневого канала “Метапекс”1 000 rub
Пломбирование корневого канала1 800 rub

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