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Periodontology (treatment of gum disease)

Periodontology (treatment of gum disease)

According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), about 80% of people sooner or later experience gum disease. One of the dental specialties, periodontics, is engaged in the treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases

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What it is

and gum disease treatment

It is important to pay attention to the symptoms of the disease in time, so that the treatment is effective. Swelling, pain, discomfort, bleeding– are all dangerous signs! They may indicate the onset of such diseases:

Gingivitis– is a non-destructive disease that causes inflammation of the gums. Gingivitis

In complex cases, gingivitis without treatment becomes an even more unpleasant disease parodontitis– Inflammation penetrates into the depths of the gums and the alveolar process of the jaw, destroying it. Buad breath appears, teeth can become mobile, general weakness is felt. Sometimes sinus-tracts appear, pain of lymph nodes under the jaw. Periodontitis leads to tooth loss!

The price of treatment in Moscow depends on the stage of the disease and the patient’s willingness to carefully care for the oral cavity. Violation of prescribed care and missed visits lead to the fact that recovery will be difficult.

How to treat

dental calculus

If the patient hurries to see a doctor and treatment is started at the stage of gingivitis, a full recovery can be expected. Treatment consists of professional oral hygiene, treatment of problem areas, curettage and plasmolifting, if necessary - назначения антибиотиков andобезболивающих медикаментов. Усилия стоматолога направлены на сохранение зубов пациента – if necessary, complex treatment and removal of dental calculus that has penetrated under the gum.

Our clinic uses the most modern technology– including for removing dental calculus. The fact is that some models of scalers during operation«break up» enamel and root cement. As a result, pain occurs, it is no longer possible to restore the lost. We use Japanese Varios Lux– Scaler, completely safe for enamel! This provides the best results in the work.  



Is it possible to treat at home?

A variety of folk recipes such as decoctions of oak bark and others«tannins» herbs should not be applied uncontrollably. They can serve as a good complement to the main treatment, but only if a periodontist has recommended herbal medicine. Self-medication can only complicate the disease!


The main cause of gum problems is– poor oral care, rare professional hygiene, old fillings, malocclusion. Plaque accumulates, bacteria multiply in it. They attack tissue and cause inflammation.

The disease may occur due to the traumatic factor.– for example, an initially abnormal bite, short frenums of the tongue and lip, high tonus of the masticatory muscles.

Buut sometimes the reason is ... unskilled gum treatment! Therefore, it is very important to choose a clinic and a doctor, check the availability of all licenses and certificates, and study reviews.

In addition, there are a number of factors that provoke gum disease. It:

Causes of Gum Disease


The main prevention of gum disease is– thorough home oral care and doctor visits every six months. If the initial stage of gingivitis is treated in a short time, 1-2 weeks, then complex cases will require surgical intervention and removal of part of the gums, and even prosthetics of lost teeth. The price of gum treatment is low compared to the cost of implants. Do not neglect the treatment of dental diseases, this will save money in the future.

gum disease prevention

Oral hygiene if you are«at risk»should only be selected by the dentist. He will pick up an anti-inflammatory paste (most likely with triclosan) and a mouthwash, he will advise a proper toothbrush that does not injure the gums. Buut dental floss and irrigator for problems with gingival tissue are not always shown. It is very individual. It’s not possible to choose the right tools for the care of teeth and gums on your own: you will not achieve the desired effect and you can«worsen gum condition.» Universal brushes and pastes do not exist.

In some cases, a doctor’s prescription should take a course of vitamin and mineral supplements (calcium, vitamin C, etc.).


First consultation of a periodontist 2 500 rub
Scheduled examination by a periodontist 2 000 rub
Drug treatment of the oral mucosa 500 rub
1 tooth wound dressing 600 rub
Wound dressing 1 jaw segment 1 800 rub
Professional health ultrasound one jaw 1 700 rub
Professional hygiene AirFlow 1 jaw 2 300 rub
Polishing with paste one jaw 2 000 rub
Manual scaling 1 jaw 3 500 rub
Hardware processing under the gum in the area of ​​one tooth 550 rub
Hardware processing of the zone under the gum 1 jaw 3 500 rub
Periodontal pockets curettage in the area of ​​1 tooth full cycle: (ultrasound, manual curettage):
Slight 1 300 rub
Moderate 1 900 rub
Incision of periodontal abscess 2 500 rub
Splinting teeth
Composite 1 tooth 1 500 rub
Fiberglass 1 tooth 2 500 rub
Tooth extraction followed by conservation of the socket, immediate fixation of the adhesive bridge in place of the extracted tooth (full cycle) 16 000 rub
Periodontal correction of occlusion:
Jenkelson's selective grinding (1 tooth) 850 rub
Approximate grinding 1 tooth 1 000 rub
Correction of the occlusal surface with composite material 1 tooth 2 500 rub
PRP drugs
Using 1 portion of PRP 5 000 rub
The use of an additional portion of the drug PRP 3 500 rub
Buiological membrane made from PRP 2 000 rub.
Gingivotomy (per 1 unit) 2 500 rub
Periostotomy 2 000 rub

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