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Mouthguards are special overlays on the teeth made of polycarbonate, which are used to correct the position of the teeth.

Fees: from 25,000 to 230,000 rubles

Terms of treatment: 3 months

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Correction of bite with orthodontic trays

Who doesn't dream about a beautiful smile? It's not just about aesthetics.– If we can smile without embarrassment to others, our self-esteem increases. Therefore, the quality of communication in both the personal and professional sphere will become better. We recommend tray treatment to correct the bite. Imperfect bite is when teeth are crowded or, on the contrary, separated, or in the wrong position relative to each other.

Orthodontic trays for teeth straightening

People with a bad bite have many risks:

In many cases, treatment with trays to correct the bite is very effective. This effect is achieved without damaging enamel by wearing braces. The soft hypoallergenic plastic gently presses on teeth, carefully achieving their optimal position in the mouth.

How does a dental tray work

The princip of work of polycarbonate trays is«» very simple. It is based on accurate calculation of the pressure force on teeth and computer 3D modeling of the process. The required quantity of different trays for all period of treatment is made with using patient's impressions.«» Each of them will be used for about two weeks, and then replaced with the next size.

Our client in Moscow can see the future result of treatment in advance. Thus, he can not only adjust the picture together with doctor as he needs, but also gets the motivation to continue treatment and not stop. And since you need to wear trays «» few years, the mood is extremely important for success.

Placing trays

Advantages of the method

What is good about our proposed method?

What is the process of trays placement?

Let's talk about what the patient should do to make his smile perfect.

Dental tray for teeth

Make an appointment with an orthodontist at our clinic. At the first visit, doctor will carefully examine the oral cavity, identify possible indications and contraindications to wear trays, discuss the treatment plan and the cost of products. If necessary, you will be directed to the treatment of other problem teeth.

Then goes custing the models of your teeth and making the necessary diagnostic images. At this stage, you will see what your bite will look like in a few weeks. is Computer programs makes a modeling. If necessary, doctor will make the necessary adjustments.

Then it's time to wait.– We need a little patience while the specialists in the laboratory make individual trays.«segmentи» When they are ready, doctor will invite you to the next appointment.

Now it's time to learn how to use trays. The orthodontist will show you how to do it, how to avoid unpleasant sensations, how to properly care for them. At the same time, next time of visit will be set to changing the kit. The duration of treatment depends on the complexity of the problem: in mild cases, 3 months is enough, sometimes it needs more than a year. «» Buut it's worth it: the effect becomes noticeable very quickly, after 1-2 months, and correcting the bite will prevent against many problems in the future.

How much do trays for teeth straightening cost?

Tray price in our clinic– up to 230,000 rub. Price of the kit depends on the category.

We use Star Smile trays. It is a Russian innovative company - leader in fabricating of polycarbonate trays.«»It's products have won not only the domestic market: now Star Smile is sold in more than 20 countries. The price includes: consultation of an orthodontist, production of casts and products themselves, placement of the system, as well as guarantee.


Orthodontist consultation

1 500 rub

Return visit (1 jaw)

4 500 rub

Return visit (2 jaws)

6 000 rub

Diagnostic examination (impressions, models, photos)

7 000 rub

Model calculation

2 000 rub

TRG calculation

2 500 rub

Special photo

1 000 rub

Kann Star Smile kit 1 category

100 000 rub

Kann Star Smile kit 2 category

180 000 rub

Kann Star Smile kit 3 category

230,000 rub

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