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Aligners are trays on teeth made of polycarbonate, used to correct the position of the teeth.

Fees: from 100 000 rubles

Terms of treatment: 3 months

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Aligners for teeth alignment– what is it

It has become customary to correct the bite with braces. Unfortunately, they are noticeable in the mouth and not very compatible with the appearance of a modern citizen! Many people (especially girls) do not want to have a metal frame in their mouth all the time. They can be understood!

Aligners for teeth alignment


Buut technology does not stand still. Our dental clinic offers an effective and more comfortable method for the patient to correct the smile. This is method is transparent thin pads made of bioplastics. Durable and hypoallergenic aligners are made of silicone or polyurethane, the process is maximally computerized to eliminate human errors.

They are almost invisible when communicating, do not affect diction, convenient in use and allow you to correct defects quickly, compared with traditional methods. Prices for aligners depend on the manufacturer and the amount of treatment.

Indications for use

The invention has become a real gift for those who are allergic to metals or can not tolerate a specific taste in the mouth from wearing braces. And also for those who need to always keep a decent look,– and for those whose work is connected with live communication. This is a strong argument to buy aligners for teeth in Moscow!

«Trays is a»  non-traumatic method that does not damage oral mucosa and tooth enamel. They are transparent to the client tightly and painlessly put pressure on the teeth, leading them to the correct position. During the course of wearing trays, you need to change several sets.справляется. Эффект становится заметным уже в первые неделandношения!

The most frequent indications for wearing:

It is important that the teeth are carefully treated and cleaned before wearing trays.

You can not put mouthguards, if the patient has a still developing tooth, there is a calculus or periodontal disease, or some anomalies in the development of the jaws.

Aligners placement

Only an orthodontist can determine whether aligners are indicated for a particular patient and what preliminary treatment is necessary. To do this, we invite you to visit our clinic.

Aligners placement

At the initial examination, the dentist examines the patient, collects anamnesis and makes a treatment plan, the price is determined depending on the preliminary treatment. Also, a cast is made, photos and all information is sent to the laboratory. There, with the help of special computer software, they create a 3D model of how the teeth will look in the future. This is very clear and allows you to imagine the result of treatment in advance.

Then we'll have to wait a bit– it takes several weeks to produce a complete set of individual aligners that are ideally suited to the patient.

Then, doctor place the products and teaches patient how to use them. A little discomfort may be felt the first three days after placement, but most users note that the habituation takes only a day.

Each«segment» on average displaces one tooth by 0.1-0.2 mm, due to the elastic force of the material and the pressure. Then it is time to put on a new product from the set. and so on until the desired effect is achieved. The duration of treatment is from 10 to 30 months, depending on the problem to be solved.

How to care for trays?

The orthodontist will assign the exact time of wearing trasys. It is usually necessary to wear them 22 hours a day throughout, removing only during meals. Every day, the trays are washed 2 times with warm (not hot) water and cleaned with a regular brush with soap or non-abrasive paste. Compared with braces it is much easier and allows you to ensure full oral hygiene, because– it is much easier to clean when there is nothing in the mouth. And there are no restrictions in diet: patients with braces have to avoid too hard and large pieces. And those who wear aligners don't forbid themselves anything!

Care for aligners

You can only drink water with them. You have to remove trays if you drink coffee, tea, or juice.

About once a month and a half you need to visit the dentist with a control visit to – determine how the alignment is going. The schedule is made by the doctor and he will give it to you with a set of transparent trays.«Trays is a».

If one Aligner is accidentally lost,– you need to see a doctor immediately. He will evaluate the interim outcome of treatment and decide what is the right thing to do -– to make a new product or go to the next tray size.

How much do aligners cost

The treatment consists of two parts. The first– is the sanation of the mouth and removal of calculus. Second is– making a kit and control visits to the dentist. The exact cost of dental aligners will be determined at the first appointment, in our clinic it is 25000-130000 rubles.


Orthodontist consultation

1 000 rub

Return visit (1 jaw)

3 500 rub

Return visit (2 jaws)

5 500 rub

Diagnostic examination (impressions, models, photos)

7 000 rub

Model calculation

2 000 rub

TRG calculation

2 500 rub

Kann Star Smile kit 1 category

100 000 rub

Kann Star Smile kit 2 category

180 000 rub.

Kann Star Smile kit 3 category

230,000 rub

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