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Buraces-orthodontic system that allows you to correct the bite and create a beautiful aesthetic smile.

Fees: from 55,000 rubles to 160,000 rubles

Terms of treatment: from 3 months

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Placement of braces: what you need to know

Placement of braces

Malocclusion is immediately noticeable to others. But it's not just aesthetical problem. Incorrect position of teeth changes biomechanics of body, enamel erase faster, develops caries. And these are only the first consequences. – No wonder people from ancient times tried to find ways to fix the bite! Even in ancient Egypt, people tried to put teeth in the right position with the help of gold wire. The prototype of modern ligature systems is the apparatus of the American orthodontist Edward Engle, invented in the early 20th century. Modern designs, of course, are much more convenient and reliable. And to improve the bite you need to wear it less time.

Treatment with non-removable systems allows nowadays you to correct even the most complex pathologies and even turn the tooth around its axis. The choice of orthodontic structures in our clinic is very wide! They different in types of structures and materials.

Stages of dental treatment with braces

Treatment takes at least 3 months, sometimes the system has to be worn for up to 2 years. You can use them when the enamel of permanent teeth has formed. Thus, the technique is intended for adults and adolescents from about 12 years.

Which bracket system will suit

Devices are classified by installation location, mounting method and material. They can be worn on 2 jaws or 1. According to the principle of action, they belong to the vestibular (stand on the outer surface of the teeth) and lingual (inside the oral cavity). For the patient, between them there will be a difference in aesthetics, sensations in the mouth and care. The price of braces is also important. Of course, the doctor will advise which device is best suited for the treatment of a particular pathology and what features everyone has. But the final decision rests with the client himself.

The products themselves are small locks with grooves. An orthodontic metal arc is introduced into the grooves, connecting everything into a single system. Fixation occurs with ligature ties or a lid. For a stable position of the arc, rings, buccal locks are also needed, sometimes additionally chains, elastic bands, springs.

We will tell you which systems are selected in our clinic as the most effective and comfortable to wear.


The classic version of the vestibular apparatus, made of durable stainless steel. Its main advantage is shorter treatment times compared to ceramics and an affordable price.

Gemini Buraces


Clarity also refers to the vestibular apparatus. The material is different: reliable dental fine ceramics. Users note that they are almost invisible to others, and brushing your teeth is not difficult.

Clarity Buraces


These are the thinnest, less than 2 mm, dental braces in the world. They almost do not cause discomfort, easy to install and use.  Iingual ceramic systems Forestadent have reduced duration of treatment in it's class: it is shortened by 20%. The design is self-ligating.– That means that ceramic plates fix on the metal arc with latches, but not with ligatures. This makes the installation of braces and mouth care for the patient easier.

Forestadent Buraces

Damon Clear

This ligature-free vestibular apparatus is called No. 1 in the rating of devices. It is very precisely attached to the teeth, takes up a minimum of space in the mouth and provides an excellent and fast result. Control visits to the doctor are needed less often. Important feature: Damon Clear can be used for patients with periodontal diseases.

Damon Clear Buraces


This type of construction with vestibular attachment attracts more and more people. It is almost invisible, easier to care for and wear compared to the lingual analogs. The material used for this type of braces is– artificially grown sapphire crystals.

Buraces ICE

How much does it cost to install braces

The cost of braces in our clinic in Moscow starts at 55,000 to 160,000 rubles. How much they cost depends on the type of device. The minimum wearing time is– 3 months, the exact duration will be determined by the doctor.


Orthodontist consultation 1 000 rub
Return visit (1 dental row) 5 000 rub
Return visit (2 dental rows)
7 000 rub
Diagnostic examination (impressions, models, photos) 7 000 rub
Model calculation 2 000 rub
Gemini metal system, 3M 40 000 rub
Clarity ceramic system, 3M 55 000 rub
Ceramic self-ligating system Forestadent 75, 000 rub
Damon Clear 90 000 rub
Sapphire system ICE 70 000 rub
Placing of bracket system (1 row) 20 000 rub
Removing bracket system and fixing retainer (1 tooth row) 18 000 rub
Placement of button or bracket 3 500 rub
Placement of Damon Clear bracket 5 000 rub
Placement of 1 Damon Q bracket 3 000 rub
Placement of 1 ICE bracket 3 000 rub.
Wire retainer for 1 tooth included fixation 1 500 rub

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