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Sinus lift

Sinus lift

Sinus lifting - bone grafting necessary to increase the volume of bone tissue of the alveolar process of the upper jaw by adding the necessary volume of bone tissue.

Fees: from 45,000 to 55,000 rub

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Implant placement in the upper jaw is often performed with prior sinus lift. According to statistics, up to 70% of patients suffer from a lack of their own bone tissue. Buone grafting, which is often called bone tissue enlargement by people«наращиванием кости»Artificial bone tissue provides a high-quality, durable and safe treatment result.

What is the sinus lift of the maxilla

Maxillary sinus lift

Buefore the implant placement, the dentist must make sure that there are all conditions for a stable and correct position of the prosthesis. An ideal situation when the patient’s own bone tissue is sufficient is rare. Due to the nature of the anatomy or a long period of toothlessness many patients have a lack of bone tissue. Then, first of all, it is necessary to increase it: the bottom of the maxillary sinus rises surgically to increase the volume of the alveolar ridge and artificial bone tissue is introduced into the formed space.

For the patient, sinus lift occurs almost painlessly, under local anesthesia. Inevitable swelling after surgery disappears in a few days.

Preparation for surgery on the maxilla.

At the first visit, the dentist examines the oral cavity and jaw, collects an anamnesis. For an accurate understanding of the amount of work computed tomography or panoramic are performed at first. After examining the images, the doctor plans the operation and tells the patient about the operation and the price.If necessary, professional hygiene will be performed before surgery. Sometimes antibiotic therapy is prescribed.

How is sinus lifting performed in our clinic in Moscow

Depending on the situation, the doctor may apply different methods of bone grafting. They differ in the amount of intervention and the way the dentist organizes access to the maxilla. The operation can be combined as with the immediate implants placement, or be as a separate operation. The choice depends on the features of the jaw structure of the patient: if the volume of the alveolar ridge guarantees a stable reliable position of the implant, then immediate implantation is possible. If the bone tissue of the crest is less than 0.5 cm, the operations must be spaced in time.

Opened sinus lift

Opened sinus lift

This method is needed if there are no two or more teeth on the upper jaw, and bone tissue Access is through the vestibule of the mouth. The doctor anesthetizes the place of work, makes an incision and forms a bone window. Forms a site for the implant. The bottom of the sinus is lifted, filled with bone graft. the wound is sutured. The implant will be placed later.

Closed sinus lift

Closed sinus lift

This is a simpler technique. It is used if the patient lacks only one tooth, and«родная» Manipulations are performed through a narrow canal in the tooth socket. The bottom of the sinus is lifted, filled with bone graft. As a result, the implant can be placed immediately.

When sinus lifting is needed

The operation before the implant placement is necessary if the doctor has determined that the patient has a lack of bone tissue or is in poor condition, too fragile, atrophic. Due to sinus lifting, the body restores the volume of bone tissue and, as a result, allows to perform implant placement successfully.

In some cases, the operation will have to be postponed:

– Surgery for sinusitis in the past is a relative contraindication, is it possible to conduct sinus lift, in this situation the dentist surgeon will decide. There will be no effect on the paranasal sinuses from the operation. Nasal breathing will remain

Sinus lift

The price of sinus lift

The price of the sinus lift operation is from 45 000  to 55 000 rub, excluding bone material. It includes: local anesthesia, manipulation, sutures. The operation takes from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the technique used. The volume of work also determines the final price.

Recovery takes several days, up to two weeks. The doctor will tell you how to properly care for the oral cavity after the procedure, schedule a follow-up visit. It is very important to follow all the recommendations: treat with the prescribed antiseptic, minimize chewing and temperature stress on adjacent teeth, do not drink through a tube,  do not rinse your mouth and gently brush your teeth with a soft brush without touching the wound. Slight discomfort from edema, heaviness or bursting when the head is tilted forward will pass within 3-7 days. If pain occurs in the TMJ or in the oral cavity, the doctor will recommend pain medication.


Surgeon consultation-implantologist

1 000 rub


600 rub

Local anesthesia

600 rub

Opened Sinus lift in the region of 1 tooth

45 000 rub

Sinus lift for multiple teeth

55 000 rub

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