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Dental implant Osstem

Dental implants is the best alternative to replace a lost tooth. Dental implants Osstem have been manufactured in South Korea by Osstem implant Co since 1997. Until the present they were sold mainly only in the countries of the Pacific region. In some countries, these same implants are already sold under the Hiossen brand (at a higher price), which is the company's marketing strategy. Advertising brochures say that these implants are the most affordable of the premium segment implants, only at a lower price.

Fees: 35 000 rub

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What is Osstem implant

Each patient, faced with the need to restore a tooth (one or several), wants the doctor to recommend at the same time a high-quality and affordable option.

Osstem system (South Korea) has earned good reviews and recognition by professionals.– relatively new in Moscow, but became popular not only in their native country.

Osstem system position itself as a premium product. There are reasons for this:  grade 4 titanium is used in the manufacture of implants, a large– with high quality designs, cost is moderate.

This is the policy of the company: to present excellent certified systems on the market at a price lower than that of European manufacturers. As a result, Osstem implant ratings are growing, as are the number of satisfied patients.

Dental implant Osstem

Medical Technology of Korea

Osstem Implant Co   Hiossen.

Since 2001, the company has its own research centers AIC– In addition to scientific research, they teach dentists. the first such centers appeared in Russia at the end of the 2000s. They provide basic training with extensive practice in dental implantology, as well as advanced training. They separately teach how to perform bone grafting, open and closed sinus lift, etc. 

Osstem System– These are three types of implants for solving various clinical problems: MS System, TS System, GBuR. In turn, these series are divided into a large number of variations. A huge assortment allows you to choose an implant even for«difficult» patients, including situations when narrow implants are needed. In addition to implants, the system includes all the necessary equipment for the implant placement: drills, abutments, keys, healing abutments, membranes, etc. It is actually «turn-key tooth:»the kit contains everything to restore lost teeth. Implant placement is carried out at the usual time: it takes 6 weeks from the first visit to a new tooth. In some cases, placement in one visit is possible.

What is the peculiarity of the osstem dental implant

The main advantage of the Osstem system– the perfect combination of medical technology and affordable price. As a guide, the manufacturer uses world standards. All products have the required certificates, and«success rate» the procedure is 98.8% (according to the Pundang Hospital of Seoul University). This means that in most cases, Osstem c implants serve their wearer for the rest of their lives.

  • The titanium implant is bioinert, does not cause allergies, has a reduced risk of implant loss . The safe purified metal of the 4th class is used. This means that there are no impurities of cheaper metals.

Studying long-term results of the system– the way the tooth implant is in use has shown that they are durable and reliable.

  • A special thread on the implant makes its position in the bone stable, facilitates positioning. It fits snugly and precisely, which is necessary for osseointegration.

The surface of the implant is processed by SMR. For various medical tasks in the line there are several types of surfaces. For example, SA - sandblasting with aluminum oxide - used on hard and medium bones and allows for a solid monolithic connection. СА – is a hydrophilic surface coated with calcium ions, which is also used for soft bone tissue. As a result, the design imitates the jaw bone. This allows the foreign body to become very overgrown with tissues and actually become part of the body. At the same time, the risk of osstem implant loss is minimized.

The price of implant placement

In our clinic, price of one implant placement with the South Korean Osstem system is 35,000 rub. This is a great option for those who want to get a good result at an affordable price. The company provides a lifetime warranty on the product, but is necessary subject to the recommendations on care prescribed by the doctor. Buut even a successful implantation does not mean that you do not need to take care of new teeth and regularly visit the dentist. The doctor will help you choose hygiene products, tell you how to care for osstem implants.


The Korean implant has no special contraindications, they can be installed by everyone. Exceptions– are absolute contraindications for implantation. We list them: diabetes, oncology, some cardiovascular and hematological diseases, special tooth abnormalities.


Surgeon consultation-implantologist

1 000 rub

Infiltration anesthesia

600 rub

Osstem dental implant (South Korea)

35 000 rub

Opened Sinus lift in the region of 1 tooth

45 000 rub

Sinus lift for multiple teeth

55 000 rub

Osstem healing abutment

4 500 rub

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