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Veneers on teeth

Veneers are ultra-thin ceramic plates with a thickness of ~ 0.3 mm, allowing you to correct violations of the shape and color of the tooth, perform a protective function, as well as transform the smile.

Fees: from 27,000 rubles to 46,000 rubles

Terms of treatment: from 1 hour

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What are ceramic veneers


Our success in life depends directly on… how often we smile at people! This means that we are open, confident and ready for equal relations.

Buut many people are shy of their smile– because of the yellow, darkened, crooked teeth or the gap between them. This problem is successfully solved by veneers. Ultra-thin ceramic pads are made individually, securely fastened in the mouth, do not interfere while eating and talking. Wearing pads will remain a secret between you and the dentist: they are completely invisible to others!

Everyone probably has a dream of a perfect smile. Do it with our help!


Materials and technologies

We use the Swiss with CEREC technology to create a 3D model of teeth that need of restoration, virtual layout of future overlays and veneers.

Veneers placement

This complex consists of:

  • scanner for mouth,
  • personal computer with the necessary software,
  • milling module with diamond cutters.

with CEREC has already made more than 28 million smiles worldwide!

The treatment regimen is simple and perfect, as it should be in the 21st century.

The scanner studies the structure of problem areas, transmits information to the program. The dentist on the computer simulates an individual project of overlays and sends it to the manufacturing module. No need to waste time making dental impressions– 3D technology allows you to do without them. Then the doctor preparate the enamel and fixes ready-made micro-prostheses with a special composition.

For veneers, we use German ceramics E-max. Dental plates are made from ceramic powder by pressing– that increases the strength and wear resistance of dental products. They are several times stronger than«natural» jaws, indistinguishable and similar to the real teeth. Ceramics do not change color: even after 10 years, the smile will remain natural and beautiful. The material is bio-inert, it does not oxidize and does not react with anything. This means that the risk of individual intolerance or allergies is minimized.

The main advantage of E-max is– the unique thickness. Only 0.3 mm, like contact lenses. Therefore, the preparation for fixing the pads will be minimal: a small grinding (sometimes you can do without it at all). Getting used to the restored smile does not take time: light thin ceramic pads can't be feel in the mouth.

veneers for teeth

Indications for the placement

Ceramic micro-prostheses allow you to quickly and effectively restore the front row: reduce the curvature, hide gaps and cracks, eliminate small cracks and chips, including on the cutting edge.

Various problems with enamel are also solved by placing overlays. Darkened from coffee, cigarettes, tea, teeth that can not be whitened in other ways, will magically change.

In addition, the abrasion of natural enamel and increased sensitivity are– also an indication for the using of ceramics. It will protect and extend the life of natural teeth.

Can I put an overlay on one tooth? Sure. That usually happens in injury cases, when a separate place suffers, and not the entire row. Ceramics are carefully selected to match the color of«neighbor teeth.» The price for placing a veneer on 1 tooth in Moscow is 18,000 rubles. The exact cost of dental pads will be determined during the first consultation with the dentist.

There are some situations, when it's better to prefer another method of aesthetic restoration: large destruction of dentition, massive fillings on the inner surface, bruxism.

How long does the placement take

We save our patients ' time. This means that we select, fabricate and place veneers very quickly and at affordable prices. Placement in our clinic can be done for one appointment.

Let's calculate how much time it takes to leave the dentist with a new smile and overlays, invisible to others:

  • It will take 10 minutes to scan the oral cavity with a special computer program.
  • 10 minutes for the with CEREC machine to make composite plates.
  • 60 minutes for hermetically reliable placement of veneers.

Place of micro-prostheses is completely painless.

Total appointment with a dentist will take about an hour and a half.

Photos before and after

before and after

before and after

before and after


Consultation of the prosthesist 1 000 rub
E-max ceramic veneer 33 000 rub
Cerec ceramic veneer 27 000 rub
Veneers on refractor 46 000 rub

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