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No-prep veneers

No-prep veneers

No-prep veneers - made without preliminary preparation of teeth. These are their innovative counterparts. They are the thinnest and most durable ceramic plates used to correct the shape and color of the tooth, as well as to protect them and restore the aesthetics of the smile. The thickness is about 0.3 mm.

Fees: From 46 000 rub

Terms of treatment: from 1 week

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What are dental no-prep veneers

what are no-prep veneers

Dentists know many secrets of creating a beautiful smile– with natural color, undamaged enamel and an even tooth row. One of them– is no-prep veneers.

What is it– thin, strong ceramic plates that are attached to the teeth and completely invisible to others. Their placement does not require grinding, as for veneers. In our dentistry we use – cheaper, but have the same quality as Hollywood luminaires.

You can call them«a golden mean» for restoration of smile: safe, reliable, and inexpensive. Price for installing an ultranir on 1 tooth is 29,000 rubles. In comparison: luminaires cost from 60,000 rubles.

Indications for the placement

No-prep veneers can solve many problems without the use of additional correction tools (orthodontic dentures, for example). Among them:

too wide interdental spaces - diastema;chips, cracks and other minor damage to enamel;discoloration, yellowing and darkening of teeth, the appearance of spots;slight defects in shape– unevenness, curvature of the front units.

However, it should be remembered: more serious shortcomings need a different method of restoration. At the initial consultation, dentist will carefully examine the patient's dental condition and select the most appropriate method.

No-prep veneers placement

Advantages of the method

Reliable quality of metal-free e.max ceramics produced by Ivoclar Vivadent, it has earned the recognition of dentists and their patients in many countries of Europe, America and around the world. Products from e. max are made by pressing at high pressure and can withstand loads significantly higher than normal loads when chewing: up to 400-500 MPa.


Advantages of no-prep veneers


Doctor will suggest another method of restoring beautiful teeth if the client have such problems:

The procedure of no-prep veneers placement in Moscow

enamel's tone for no-prep veneers

Placement of no-prep veneers in total takes one week.

Any medical manipulation begins with the initial examination.

You will get to know your doctor. He carefully examines the problem areas, if necessary, prescribes preliminary sanitizing and treatment of the mouth, discusses possible contraindications, selects the tone of the enamel.

After that, doctor makes impressions of the teeth on which the overlay will be installed. It is important that you can restore one unit or several at once. The impression is sent to an authorized dental laboratory, where thin ceramic plates are made within a week, exactly suitable for the patient. Usually in these seven days, the patient is recommended to make a hygienic cleaning of the mouth to eliminate plaque and stone under future non-prep veneers.

After that, the veneers are tried on and tightly attached to a special dental cement, due to the ultra-thinness of the product, it is possible to achieve a very good fit. It turns out a monolithic construction: the overlay accidentally in ordinary life can't fly off the tooth accidentally in ordinary life . The polishing procedure is completed. The entire procedure is painless and does not bring much discomfort.

Cost of non-prep veneers

The price of ceramic non-prep veneers is less than the famous Hollywood lumineers and is at 29,000 rubles. If a patient follows the dental care rules, which are individually selected for you by doctor, the service life of the products - lifelong. And since they are completely invisible and do not feel when worn, very soon our patients… forget that they have put pads! Buut it is very important that dental care was constant, and you regularly visit a doctor– at least yearly, even if nothing bothers you.

Photos before and after

non-prep veneers before and after


Consultation of the prosthesist

1 000 rub

Ceramic non-prep veneer

46 000 rub

Veneers on refractor

46 000 rub

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