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Professional teeth whitening ZOOM 4

Professional teeth whitening ZOOM 4

ZOOM 4 - is whitening of the latest generation, which allows you to effectively, permanently and gently whiten your teeth up to 18 tones.

Fees: 25 000 rub

Terms of treatment: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Why do I need teeth whitening

Do you want in just an hour and a half… to look younger? Take all advantages of professional whitening! Scientists have proved that people take a person with a snow-white smile as more successful, positive and young, with a good character and a great mood in life.

zoom 4 whitening

This simple procedure is more about aesthetic, but those who have done it do not regret it: they no longer have to be ashamed of their smile! The color of enamel is influenced by many factors: the habit of coffee and tea, smoking, eating«coloring» products– blueberries, ketchup, chocolate. Even red wine can give an undesirable shade. Some diseases, such as the gastrointestinal tract, also cause darkening.

It is important not to confuse bleaching and professional cleaning! The first changes the color of the enamel by several tones, the second– removes plaque and stone. Therefore, these are not interchangeable, but complementary procedures.

In our dental clinic, qualified doctors for 1 hour and 30 minutes will conduct a whitening procedure using zoom 4 technology, lightening the teeth by 8 tones. Let your smile become radiant!

What is zoom 4

This is the fourth generation of the popular whitening procedure developed by Philips. In contrast to previous systems, the modern technique is as gentle as possible to the enamel, painless for the patient and comfortable to use for the doctor. It uses a cold light bulb called – LED-lamp. The technology allows you to simultaneously illuminate the upper and lower teeth, while changing the intensity of the light flux if necessary. In this way, the exact force of the activator lamp is selected for a particular patient. The gel, which is applied to the teeth, has a specially selected pH of acidity from 7.5 to 8.5: this prevents excessive impact on the enamel and its damage. Under the action of the lamp diodes, a chemical reaction occurs, the gel decomposes into its component parts and oxidized unwanted pigments are removed from the enamel for a long time.

The device itself has improved ergonomics: the doctor will be comfortable to work with, the risk of errors is minimized.

With all the efficiency and accumulated positive experience of using zoom in dental clinics around the world, some patients can not do this procedure.

From bleaching should abandon:

Price for teeth whitening zoom 4

The cost of the aesthetic procedure is 24,800 rubles. At the same time, if the patient exactly follows the doctor's instructions, the effect persists for a very long time, about several years. The manufacturer has achieved high efficiency with a minimum side effects, and the result lasts a long time. According to the manufacturer's research, those who used zoom 4, five to seven years ago still enjoy a beautiful snow-white smile!

What's the process of zoom 4 bleaching in Moscow

Let's talk about the process of creating a beautiful smile. First, doctor examines the patient's mouth, determines the presence of possible contraindications to the procedure. The problems like caries and pulpitis should be treated. – Theoretically, before bleaching, you need to do a hygienic cleaning, eliminating the dense plaque and stone. Thus, zoom can be a great conclusion to the annual preventive examination by a doctor!«»!

Zoom 4 bleaching steps


How to prolong the effect after procedure?

The dentist will tell the rules of care for a new smile, after the bleaching is done. It is important to follow his instructions exactly, since the structure of the mouth and the condition of the teeth are all different. This means that only individually selected oral hygiene will be effective! Paste, brush, mouthrinse, floss should be selected only by a doctor. He will also tell you whether it is necessary to refrain from coffee, tea, tobacco and acidic products for a few days after the procedure, and when it is recommended to whiten your teeth again. 

Photos before and after

Buefore and after bleaching Zoom 4

Buefore and after bleaching Zoom 4

Buefore and after bleaching Zoom 4


Whitening ZOOM 4 25 000 rub

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