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Home whitening ZOOM

Home whitening ZOOM

Home whitening ZOOM - this type of whitening allows you to whiten your teeth under your control with the intensity that you choose yourself.

Fees: 9 700 rub

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How to apply?

Zoom home bleaching kit is very easy to use. It is enough to apply the gel from a special syringe applicator on clean tays and put them on carefully cleaned teeth. After the proper time of exposure has passed, you need to use the brush again and rinse your mouth.

For all the simplicity of the method we do not recommend using it without the recommendation of a dentist and buy a set in unverified places. The effect of bleaching with calcium phosphate can be insignificant if you use trays arbitrarily and uncontrollably! And sometimes accompanied by discomfort and even pain– due to the fact that it was used with universal trays. «To » make home whitening productive, be sure to consult a doctor. This is the only way to achieve a perfect smile.

The dentist will conduct an examination, listen to your wishes for the desired result, choose a method of whitening, make casts of teeth and individual reusable trays will be quickly produced.«» The waiting time is only 60 minutes. The doctor will teach you how to put on trays, how long to wear them and, of course, will answer all questions.


Home whitening ZOOM

The system is perfect for extending the effect of professional whitening in the clinic or for those who need to change the color of the smile to several tones. The cost of home bleaching products is quite affordable, this also makes them attractive.

Zoom kits have all the necessary quality certificates. They are rightly called #1. This is the most popular worldwide system for lightening teeth, both for professional clinic whitening, and for personal home use.

How often is home bleaching kit used? The exact schedule will be recommended by the dentist, assessing the condition of the teeth and oral cavity. You can't have excellent results using the system«twice a day for half an hour» within 4-9 days. It is very important to take good care of your teeth: clean with the brush and paste that the doctor will advise, dental floss and an irrigator.

The home whitening kit in our clinic also includes a unique Relief ACP gel. It is approved by the strictest regulatory body– FDA (Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines of the USA)– and it is designed to simultaneously strengthen and reduce the sensitivity of the teeth, their enamel shell. With the help of the gel, the whitening process is facilitated and the result is perfectly fixed.

Indications and contraindications

ZOOM home bleaching system

Who can't do  home bleaching? The list of contraindications is quite small: these are minors, those who are allergic to the components of the bleaching agent, suffering from cancer and mental illness, and those who can not wear trays. Trays are not suitable for those who have difficulties with nasal breathing, missing or not cured a large number of teeth or have inflammation in mouth. It is worth waiting if one of the teeth has recently been removed. You can not use mouthguards if you have temporomandibular syndrome. You should also choose another option for bleaching, if there is a piercing on the tongue or lips.

During the course of bleaching, it is best to reduce the amount of food that can stain enamel of teeth. We recommend so-called«transparent» diet: when food is red (for example, beets, fresh berries and fruits), tobacco, red wine, tea, coffee and a variety of soda drinks are minimized. This will allow you to lighten your teeth as much as possible and keep the effect achieved by home whitening as long as possible.


Home whitening ZOOM 9 700 rub
Fabrication of trays for bleaching 2 500 rub

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