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Professional hygiene of children's teeth

Professional hygiene of children's teeth is a complex of manipulations aimed at preventing the occurrence of carious and non-carious diseases of the child's oral cavity.

Fees: from 1,000 to 2,500 rub

Terms of treatment: 1 hour

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What is the professional hygiene of children's teeth? 

Professional hygiene is performed by a pediatric dentist, allowing him to remove plaque, and all the factors that provoke the formation of diseases of the oral cavity. 

In this case, the procedure is absolutely painless. The child gets used to dental treatment from an early age, and a positive attitude towards future visits to the doctor is formed. 

LIGHT Complex

This complex includes the removal of soft plaque and polishing teeth with brushes.

No matter how good the hygiene is from the point of view of the patient, it is necessary to carry out professional hygiene from time to time, because sometimes even the most advanced methods of brushing your teeth do not allow toothbrushes, threads and irrigators to get in hard-to-reach areas. As a result, dental plaque develops tooth decay, gum disease and halitosis. In our clinic you can carry out a full range of professional hygiene procedures, depending on the intensity of dental plaque.

HARD complex

The HARD complex includes ultrasonic cleaning of subgingival space of dental calculus, removing pigment plaque, soft polishing with special polishing pastes and brushes in order to prevent further plaque formation and covering all teeth with remineralizing gel that will strengthen your child’s teeth.


Consultation of a pediatric dentist

1 000 rub

Complex oral hygiene “Light”

2 000 rub

Complex professional oral hygiene “Hard”

3 500 rub

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