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Treatment of primary teeth

Treatment of primary teeth

The price of the sinus lift operation in our Moscow clinic is from 45 000 to 55 000 rub, excluding bone material. It includes: local anesthesia, manipulation, sutures. The operation takes from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the technique used

Fees: from 2,500 to 6,400 rub

Terms of treatment: from 1 hour

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Treatment of milk teeth in children: is it necessary?

Do I need to treat milk teeth?

Golden Rule«of pediatric dentistry»: the baby should start visiting the doctor from the moment when the first tooth appeared in the mouth. Even if it seems to mom that everything is fine! The specialist will evaluate the condition, teach how to care for «milk tooth» and talk about the schedule for the next visits. Regular, at least yearly, visits to the dental clinic will help to keep the situation under control and avoid serious problems in the future.

It is widely believed that milk teeth should not be treated: they will fall out anyway. Buut this is a dangerous delusion that can ruin a child’s health. Untreated niduses of infection are very dangerous: due to constant inflammation, an increase in the load on the immune system occurs. The baby will often suffer from URTI, problems with the kidneys and heart can occur. In addition, problematic temporary teeth provoke the development of inflammation «of permanent teeth» by 5-6 months of the baby's life, the germs of permanent teeth have already formed. Decay from deciduous teeth can go on permanent.

All dentists in the world agree: children must be treated! Buy themselves, dental diseases do not go away, and the consequences can be sad.

How to treat teeth in children?

Pediatric dentistry– a very sensitive area of ​​medicine. On the one hand, it is necessary to take into account the features of children's anatomy and psychology, and be a real jeweler. Indeed, in the baby’s mouth everything is so tiny! – On the other hand, the doctor must be a real psychologist, know the age characteristics of both three-year-olds and first-graders. The dentist must find an approach to the small patient and his parents, to gain their trust. The risk is very high. If the baby is at least once scared in the dentist’s chair, bringing him to the next appointment and convincing him to open his mouth will be very, very difficult.

There are professional nuances. A child is not a small copy of an adult. It will not work to treat patients of different ages according to one regimen. Teeth in children have a number of anatomical features, and the doctor should work as carefully as possible and accurately and quickly. The process should not be too long in time, so that the little patient is not too tired and does not begin to be capricious.

How to treat teeth in children?

To treat caries in children, dentists use these methods:

Bueautiful word«silvering» means that when the first roughness appears on the surface, the doctor will treat them with a solution of silver nitrite. It is very effective against bacteria and can stop the development of caries. To prevent caries, fissures (grooves on the top of the chewing teeth) are sealed with a special thin film. Fluoride-containing medicines impregnate dentin, strengthening it. Our experts recommend fluoride treatment annually.

The roots of milk teeth are unstable. It is impossible to put fillings and heal root canals in them for a long time, as in adults. Anesthetizing babies is also not easy. Medicines are selected depending on the weight, health status and age of the child. – The best option is application anesthesia, then an imperceptible injection of the main anesthetic.

Secrets of a pediatric dentist

Every pediatric dentist knows: the more delicate and more comfortable the baby’s treatment is now, the easier it will be next time for both the doctor and the baby. Therefore, all manipulations are made with jewelry accuracy and as quickly as possible. Children are very tired, so the visit should not last more than an hour. In our clinic, children are treated on average in 45 minutes.

In order for the baby to be distracted from the manipulations of the dentist, we use special comfortable chairs. They have a monitor, children can watch cartoons during treatment. The guys really like to watch their favorite characters, many even forget that they are in the doctor’s office.

We use the newest dental materials and technologies, constantly study the modern developments of non-invasive and minimally invasive treatment of children's teeth. 

Treatment of primary teeth

The price of dental treatment in children

The price of treating children's teeth in our clinic is from 2500 to 6400 rubles. The doctor will tell you the exact price in the office after examining the little patient and discussing the work plan with his parents.

Regular monitoring of the baby's oral cavity and timely comfortable treatment will help to form a calm, positive attitude towards medicine in the baby. Having started treatment with a competent qualified friendly doctor, a grown up child will not avoid and delay visits to the dentist. This means that all possible problems will be noticed and eliminated at an early stage. This will save both time and money.


Consultation of a pediatric dentist

1 000 rub

Treatment of decay of a deciduous tooth

4 500 rub

Deciduous tooth pulpitis treatment

8 500 rub.

Sealing of fissures of a deciduous tooth

2 500 rub

Fluoridation of milk teeth (2 jaws)

2 000 rub

Silvering of milk teeth (1 tooth)

1 700 rub

Complex oral hygiene “Light”

2 000 rub.

Complex oral hygiene “Hard”

3 500 rub

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