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Fluoridation of deciduous teeth - a method for the prevention of decay of deciduous teeth.

Fees: from 700 rub

Terms of treatment: 10 minutes

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Buaby teeth in children are susceptive to caries, as are permanent teeth. The risk of caries can result in stunted growth or loss of the germ of a permanent tooth. Prevention of deciduous teeth – Prevention of decay of deciduous teeth is a serious task for parents. One of the methods of caries prevention in young children is fluoridation of deciduous teeth. 

 Fluoride for teeth is a kind– “ of vitamin”It helps strengthen enamel. 

Fluoride is non-toxic, safe and harmless to the baby's body. Advantages of silvering baby milk teeth:

  • Quick and easy– the procedure takes 2-3 minutes;
  • Completely painless; 
  • A good way to prevent caries;


Consultation of a pediatric dentist

1 000 rub

Silvering of milk teeth (1 tooth)

1 700 rub

Fluoridation of milk teeth (2 jaws)

2 000 rub

Fluoridation for children

2 000 rub

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