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Social deduction for treatment costs

Every citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to return part of his own funds spent by a citizen in the treatment and payment of medicines. The administrators of the Sana Dent Modern Dentistry Center will prepare for you a package of documents for submission to the FTS of the Russian Federation. 

Laws, acts, resolutions of the Russian Federation.

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 19, 2001 N 201

"Об утверждениandперечней медицинских услуг andдорогостоящих видов лечения в медицинских учреждениях Российской Федерации, лекарственных средств, суммы оплаты которых за счет собственных средств налогоплательщика учитываются прandопределениandсуммы социального налогового вычета" http://base.garant.ru/12122317/

For getting the tax deduction for treatment will require the following documents:

  • Application for the return of personal income tax (written personally *);
  • Copies of all pages of a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation **;
  • Copy of ITN **;
  • Contract with a medical institution for the provision of paid medical services **;
  • Certificate of payment for medical services **;
  • Payment document confirming the actual costs of treatment **;
  • Copy of the license of a medical institution for the right to provide medical procedures **;
  • Certificate in the form 2-PIT (issued by the employer);

Completed 3-PIT (written in person).

* A sample application is available from the administrator.

** preparation of copies and documents when contacting the center administrator.