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Recommendations after extraction

Compliance with the recommendations after tooth extraction reduces the risk of complications and promotes the healing of the tooth extraction site.

After tooth extraction is prohibited:

  • rinse the mouth with water and dental hygiene products on the side of the extracted tooth;
  • eat and drink for 3 hours;
  • perform work and sports associated with heavy physical exertion;
  • touch a tooth hole with your fingers, tongue, objects;
  • visit the sauna, bath, take hot baths;
  • for hygiene, clean the mouth on the side of the extracted tooth;
  • smoke after tooth extraction for 3 hours;
  • take aspirin;
  • warm the tooth extraction area.

Mandatory requirements after tooth extraction:

  • maintaining oral hygiene as recommended by a surgeon;
  • strict adherence to doctor's prescriptions;
  • adherence to a special diet for 10 days after tooth extraction;
  • if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately;
  • the next visit to the doctor 14 days after tooth extraction.