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Recommendations after the whitening procedure to maintain a snow-white smile

The first 2 weeks after the teeth whitening procedure are most important for maintaining, consolidating and enhancing the effect.

Within 48 hours after teeth whitening, adhere to«white» diet, completely refusing to eat any coloring products, such as:

Within 2 days after bleaching, it is recommended to completely stop smoking any tobacco products: cigarettes, cigars, pipe, hookah.

As a last resort– replace them with an electronic cigarette.

In the next 2 weeks after bleaching, minimize the number of cigarettes smoked.

After 2 weeks, in order to preserve the result of teeth whitening, you should also limit the consumption of these products, if possible, and in case of eating them–  brush your teeth immediately to minimize unwanted stains on teeth.

The dentist can generally recommend to heavy smokers to abandon the ZOOM teeth whitening procedure– since if the smoking restrictions are not observed in the first days after this very expensive procedure, the achieved effect can be completely destroyed.

After the whitening procedure, good oral hygiene is necessary:

Such a correct and high-quality approach will help maintain the best long-lasting effect of tooth whitening.

To enhance and maintain the maximum aesthetic effect after professional ZOOM whitening, it is possible to carry out home whitening procedures using a proprietary ZOOM gel.

The gel is placed in special mouthguards that are worn on the teeth for a certain period of time. These mouthguards practically do not cause any discomfort when using, and the whitening result is at a high level.

The gel also has excellent bactericidal properties, which helps to prevent caries formation.