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Said Daria Shorshevna

Dental therapist, pediatric dentist

Said Daria Shorshevna

Work experience: 5 years

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Professional biography

The fact that I will be a doctor has been immutable for me since childhood. While studying at the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I. Evdokimov, I already knew that I would work specifically with children. From the first seconds I find a common language even with the smallest patients.

I study psychology and pedagogy, constantly improving in the profession. Internships and regular continuing education courses are organically integrated into my work schedule. I am also engaged in scientific activities. Some of my articles can be found in magazines: Caries Research, Dental Forum, Russian Dentistry. Currently, I am writing a work for the degree of candidate of medical sciences on the topic of prevention of caries in children. I teach at MSMSU– I share knowledge and experience with students of the university where I studied myself.


Professional interests

The main focus of my work: therapy– dental treatment, professional oral hygiene– for children. Our medical procedures are informative and fun. Together we paint the plaque so that it can be seen where he is hiding; find out how dangerous it is; we learn to brush our teeth correctly, watch cartoons. The mandatory program includes conversations with parents so that they are on the same wavelength with the child and can monitor how he keeps his promises and fulfills my recommendations.

Often they ask me, do not be capricious, do not cry and are not afraid of children in the most unpleasant moments of dental treatment? I answer– no, as a rule, they sleep peacefully in the dental chair, and it’s still worth a lot of effort to wake them up when everything«scary is» behind. If adult patients come to me, then the same thing happens to them, which they are always very happy about. To oversleep the most unpleasant moments– is priceless!

I devote much attention to counseling on the prevention of oral diseases and recommend regular visits to check-ups. Caries in the initial stages can be cured without drilling. Modern technologies allow you to do this quickly and painlessly using innovative drugs that work on enamel (remineralizing therapy, coating with fluoride varnishes, calcium-containing gels, etc.).

At the first examinations, I recommend coming with children from 6 months to prevent possible abnormalities, and it is time to pay special attention to teeth from 2 years– It is during this period that the first caries begin.



In addition to work, I try to fill my life with new impressions and travels: I want to see as many countries as possible, learn about the peculiarities of life of different people, broaden my horizons. On weekends I like to walk in nature or get out to social events, to museums or to theaters. Doing yoga, sports, watching football with enthusiasm.


2008-2013– Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I. Evdokimov (specialty dentistry)

2013-2014 - Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I. Evdokimov (internship– general dentistry)

2014-2016 - Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I. Evdokimov (residency– therapeutic dentistry)

2018 - Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I. Evdokimov (professional retraining– pediatric dentistry)



2011 – symposium«Dental caries prevention problems»

2013 – All-Russian Conference with International Participation«Modern aspects of the prevention of dental diseases»

2014 – seminar on the use of professional systems Philips Zoom! for teeth whitening in clinical and home conditions and a master class with the Philips Zoom!

2014 – symposium«Prevention of dental diseases. Theory and practice.»

2014 – Master Class«Bulack Class IV Aesthetic Restoration of cavities with universal nanocomposite restoration material Filtek Ultimate (3M ESPE). Frank Dental range of burs and polishers for dentists– therapist»

2014 – Master Class«Temporary prosthetics for the lateral tooth group with Protemp Crown single preformed composite crowns (3M ESPE). Frank Dental range of burs and polishers for dentists– orthopedist»

2014 – Master Class«Dental photography»

2014 - lecture«The art of creating natural restorations»

2014 – lecture«Restoration of end-to-end defects. Functional and aesthetic aspects in restoring the angle of the crown of the anterior tooth. Features of work with the universal nanocomposite restoration material Filtek Ultimate (3M ESPE). Unrivaled German quality of Frank Dental burs and polishers»

2014 – seminar«Clinical periodontology. Features of interdisciplinary interaction»

2014 – seminar«Managed dental Implant placement»

2015 – All-Russian Conference with International Participation«Modern aspects of the prevention of dental diseases»

2016 – seminar on the use of professional Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​systems for teeth whitening in the clinical and home settings and a workshop with the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​clinical system

2016 – practical course«The use of SAF to achieve the goals of endodontic treatment»

2016 – course«Emergency conditions in outpatient dentistry. Prevention and treatment. Situation modeling» in the Medical Educational Simulation Center on the basis of the Research Institute of Sp. N.V. Sklifosovsky

2016 – congress«The Art of Restoration in the Concept of Buio-Emulation»

2016 – training session «Restoration: simple solutions for every day! Intensive course»

2016 – course«Buiology and Buiomechanics vs Marketing»

2016 – course«En_do Generalist Look»

2016 – course«Theoretical aspects of direct tooth restoration»

2016 – course«Retreatment Clinical decisions and techniques» (Dr. Solomonov Michael)

2016 – Endodontic Congress Endopoint 2016

2017 – Endodontic Congress Endopoint 2017

2017 – Symposium Endodontics vs Implantology

2017 – international symposium«The quintessence of endodontics. Combined pulp and periodontal pathology»

2017 – practical course«Innovations in root canal treatment followed by obturation of thermoplastic gutta-percha using magnification (dental microscopes, binocular magnifiers)»

2017 – training course«Indirect restorations of single teeth»

2017 – Congress of the European Organization for Caries Research

2017 – seminar«All about cervical lesions of hard tissues of teeth. Invisible and long-lasting restoration in class V– what could be easier!»

2017 - course«Endodontics of central incisors»

2017 – symposium«Adhesive systems: from chemistry to practice»

2017 – course«Primary endodontics. Simple things, simple algorithms, predictable results»

2017 – course«Simple composite restoration: the basics. What every dentist needs to know»

2017 – course« The art of endodontics» authors course in conventional endodontic treatment L. Stephen Buuchanan

2017 – course«Buiological aspects in prevention and treatment of pulp and periapical disease» (Dr. Domenico Ricucci)

2017 – All-Russian Conference«Modern aspects of the prevention of dental diseases»

2017 – course«Endodontic treatment for strongly curved root canals

2017- course«Ceramic restorations, from planning to fixation»

2017 – training«Эстетическая Dentistry» (MSMSU named after A.I. Evdokimov)

2018 – The in-vitro ICDAS Training Course in caries detection and assessment for ICCMSTM with ICDAS-merged codes

2018 – professorship session«Prevention and minimally invasive treatment of major dental diseases: from theory to practice»

2018 – training session «Vector-therapy in periodontology, orthopedics, treatment of peri-implantitis, an integrated approach to the follow-up of patients. Common mistakes and complications». Advanced course

2018 – Endopoint Congress Endopoint 2018

2018 – International Endodontic Congress ProEndo

2018 course«Anesthesia in Endodontics. Recent decades of research and practice since 1994– The evolution of knowledge and skills»

2018 – Quintessential Endodontics Conference«Evidence-Buased Endodontic Practice: Fashion or Clinical Necessity»

2018 – conference«Dental implants in patients with chronic generalized periodontitis: modern solutions to the old problem»

2018 – course«Buuild-up: type selection and tactics»

2018 – course«Dental Trauma and Tooth Autotransplantation» (Prof. Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi)

2018 – anniversary international congress«Modern aspects of the prevention of dental diseases»2018 – theoretical course«Orthopedic treatment planning. Teeth preparation for the manufacture of ceramic restorations»