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Polonin Denis Andreevich

Dentist, restorative GP

Work experience: 3 years

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Professional biography

For me a doctor– it is a profession that is inherited. I grew up in a dynasty of doctors, so the choice of profession was made as a child, and for a while I thought about specialization and balanced between gynecology and dentistry. The choice was influenced by the father's childhood phobia. This courageous and strong man was ready to come up with anything, just not to go to the dentist. I really wanted to help him and show that the dentist– not a creepy man in a white coat, but a doctor with a capital letter, which gives people beauty, the ability to laugh and smile. Now my father goes to preventive examinations quite calmly!

Attention and care– my professional credo. My grandmother, a resuscitator, actually taught me love for people and real care and attention for patients. Buy attention, I mean also constant contact. Without attention, many people try to self-medicate, which leads to consequences of varying severity. I try to prevent this, so I am ready in critical cases to come to the clinic even on my day off.

Even at university, I knew for sure that I would work in good faith and I still strictly adhere to this principle. And in order to work in good faith, I continue to study and improve my skills: the mandatory program includes internships and continuing education courses several times a year, attendance of educational congresses and continuous distance learning on the job.

Professional interests

In the clinic«Sana Dent» the main areas of my activity are therapy (dentistry, whitening, professional oral hygiene), prosthetics (fixing veneers, crowns, including crowns on implants).

I try to surround my patients with care and reduce the level of excitement. Comfortable to them– comfortable to me. Buefore starting work, I always clarify the nuances of past visits to the dentist in order to eliminate unpleasant moments. Buackground music is always at the patient’s choice, but I love jazz myself. In conversations, I pay great attention to hygiene and dental care issues, explain how to properly conduct daily hygiene procedures, which at times reduce the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease.

I would like to emphasize separately that regular check-ups at the dentist save nerves, time and money. In the early stages, the problem can be solved quickly, but eliminating the consequences is more difficult, longer, and expensive.


In my free time I study modern technologies and their impact on the world. Very impressed with the automotive novelty Ilona Mask (I like these design decisions). I write music. I am fond of photography and video filming. From each trip I bring a lot of shots and mini-films that capture amazing nature, the colors of different countries, events and, of course, people.


  • 2016 - Kursk, Kursk State Medical University, specialty«стоматология»
  • 2016 - Primary accreditation as a general dentist
  • 2017 - Participant in the international course«Digital Aesthetic Treatment Concepts– from smile design to final restoration»
  • 2018 - Participant in the big course«Astra Tech Implant System»
  • 2018 - Kursk, Kursk State Medical University, postgraduate education in the specialty«restorative GP»