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Perekhozheva Julia Dmitrievna

Orthodontist Dentist

Perekhozheva Julia Dmitrievna

Work experience: 7 years

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Professional biography

At 5 years old, I knew for sure that I would become a dentist. My mother was always very attentive to oral health and regularly took me for examinations. At that time, my family and I lived in a military city, and the local dentist with my attitude to work greatly influenced me. Each visit became an interesting and informative adventure, and I was more and more inspired by this profession.

While still in school, I began preparing for the institute, paying particular attention to specialized subjects. In high school, I decided exactly where I will study. Having successfully passed all the exams at the Smolensk State Medical Academy (this university is rightfully considered one of the best), I plunged into the world of medicine with my head, and the teachers taught us not to be afraid of difficulties, quickly navigate in emergency situations and treat patients very carefully.

The beginning of the practice was the beginning of the surgeon's career, but it was time to choose between two areas. In the process, I began to expand the scope of competencies– I was fascinated by orthodontics. The choice has been made. I continued my residency studies in this specialty and completely immersed myself in work.

Already being an experienced orthodontist, I continue to improve, deepening my knowledge and mastering the latest technology. As a rule, I take internships and continuing education courses 2-3 times a month in Russia and abroad.

Professional interests

Orthodontics for me– this is creativity. There is no single approach– each case is unique, and the choice of method depends on many factors: lifestyle, diagnosis, problem to be solved. Any task can be solved in different ways, and together with patients we choose the most effective and comfortable. For example, to public people for whom a smile– part of the profession, it is necessary to choose a combined treatment algorithm.

I devote a lot of time to counseling. Myths often have to be debunked ... Buecause of excessive popularization and many pseudo-scientific publications, people have formed distorted ideas. Someone is afraid that the braces damage the teeth, someone believes that all problems can be solved with the help of one of the eliners, and someone does not go to the specialist, because he is afraid that some of the teeth will have to be removed. I talk in detail about all the options for the development of events, the pros and cons of each method.

I’ll also say about the results that inspire me: my work– is not only straight and beautiful teeth, but also the changing lives of my patients. In my practice, there was a case when, after treatment of a serious maxillary pathology, a person got everything right: his career and his personal life. He was finally able to enjoy food that was previously inaccessible due to the discomfort of chewing food. Now my patient– a gourmet who can not only eat deliciously, but also openly laugh and enjoy life unlimitedly.


In my free time I am fond of psychology. At least twice a year I try to travel to reboot. I love the Caribbean: the view of the ocean charges me with energy and the desire to give people smiles and beauty. I am also engaged in extreme driving, recently passed on contra-emergency training«Audi»!