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Lukyanova Olga Nikolaevna

Dentist, restorative GP, surgeon, periodontist

Lukyanova Olga Nikolaevna

Work experience: 25 years

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Professional biography

There are many doctors among my relatives. Buut there was no dentist… Therefore, fate is determined from childhood. After graduating from a dental school, I immediately began to work in my specialty, but the professional path turned out to be thorny. Perestroika fell on the most active period of professional growth… but the interest in my work, the study of new techniques and technologies, the need to develop, helped to overcome all the difficulties. I decided to get a second higher, specialized education (after the medical school, the first university I graduated from was a pedagogical one). And at the time of admission to the Moscow State Medical-Dental University. A.I. Evdokimova I already had 10 years of professional experience– accepted without exams.

Doctors taught at the university, whose publications I read before. Those people who seemed to me gods were now close by. One could just approach them and ask any question. My joy knew no bounds! I am proud that I studied with the best then, but now I do not stop in my development. Today, new treatment algorithms and increasingly sophisticated equipment are appearing with tremendous speed, allowing patients to offer several solutions in almost every situation. All this must be mastered and integrated into practice. Fortunately, our clinic is equipped with advanced devices that expand the capabilities of the doctor and facilitate the tolerability of our interventions for patients, improving healing and accelerating prosthetics.


Professional interests

The main areas of my activity: therapy (dental treatment), aesthetic dentistry, all types of removable and fixed prosthetics, surgery, frenuloplasty (plastic of the frenum of the lips and tongue), vestibuloplasty (enlarged vestibule of the oral cavity), periodontology, treatment of inflammatory diseases of the TMJ.

For each occasion, I approach comprehensively and creatively. There are no identical situations: even two teeth with the same diagnosis in one person can manifest themselves in different ways. Many factors have to be taken into account, which depend on the state of the organism as a whole. I collect additional information about the patient: the correct diagnosis– the key to successful treatment. And it’s not always necessary to act radically, sometimes it’s worth observing and allowing the body to work. The question of the appropriateness of any intervention for me is one of the first places.

And you have to be a psychologist for your patients. I start the exercise with relaxation: the first and most important thing we do together– we remove the excitement, since even the anesthesia acts worse with excitement. I learned how to tune people in the right way during the perestroika period, when I had to do complex operations alone, and the clinic did not even have normal anesthesia… Buut now I’m always ready and soothing drops, and an anti-stress toy. During the reception, I turn on comedies to relieve tension.

I pay special attention to counseling. Due to the lack of vision of the picture as a whole, my patients often inflate an elephant from a fly, and when a person has complete information about the processes, there are much less reasons for concern. Buefore proceeding, I always explain in detail what, how and why I will do it and show it on a special model of jaws. It’s easier for people to decide when they do it consciously.



Our profession– dentist– second in terms of stress after the profession of an astronaut. Stress is best relieved by outdoor activities, so I go in for sports: swimming, skiing, long walks, ice skating with my first-grader daughter. It is very interesting to observe its successes and development. I love tropical flowers and enjoy growing them at home. At one time there were 50 flower pots, planted and grown by hand from sprouts.