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Leonova Oksana Vilyevna

Chief doctor, prosthetist, therapist
    • Member of the Eurasian Association of aesthetic dentistry
    • Author of scientific publications

Work experience: 17 years old

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Professional biography

Dentist is– one of the most«terrible» doctors for many people. I have been afraid of dentists since childhood, and this fear has played a leading role in my professional development. My passion for medicine was inherited: I grew up in a dynasty of doctors, but when i was choosing a specialty, I decided to study«the most» scary field. In 2002, I graduated from the Buashkir State Medical University and connected my life with dentistry forever.

In my work, I always put myself in the patient's place (as if I were sitting in a chair with him) and perform all the necessary actions not formally, but as I would like to be treated. I minimize all unpleasant feelings, give maximum information about what will happen,– I do everything to make the patient as comfortable and calm as possible.

This approach has become one of the key factors in the opening of the clinic«Sana Dent». Even when I was doing private practice, I thought about how to gather in one place the best doctors who are just like me, with attention and love would treat their patients. And in partnership with one of my long-time patients, who visited, perhaps, all the clinics where I worked, we realized my dream.

Professional interests

My main specialization is total and aesthetic prosthetics. I believe that with all the changes taking place in the world, there will always be happiness and a sincere smile in fashion! And it gives me a real pleasure to give people the opportunity to smile with all«32»without hesitation and without hiding emotions.

Buut behind the external beauty of a smile there is a huge work and qualification of the dentist. Errors in prosthetics can lead to sad consequences: from malocclusion to deformities of the jaw joint of different stages, which leads to headaches and pain in the cervical spine. More than once I had to correct other people's mistakes… therefore I am constantly improving myself, increasing the level of my knowledge and competence. I am a regular student of the Buoston Institute of aesthetic medicine and the international College of craniomandibular prosthetics ICCMO, as well as a full member of the Eurasian Association of specialists in the field of aesthetic dentistry and a frequent guest at key congresses and conferences.

I have already mentioned that my priority is patient's comfort, and I do everything and more to ensure it. Our clinic«Sana Dent» has the latest equipment, which makes it possible with a very high quality of services to significantly reduce the time and, as a result, the cost of treatment. Some procedures that used to drag on several weeks can now be performed in one day, and this saves time and nerves of our patients.


Of course, my main hobby and love is work. To it I give most of my life and energy. Buut at the same time I am a happy wife and mother, and i participate in my kids' Hobbies. As a student, I taught other people to dance, and now I'm happy to work out modern choreography and root for«our football team» at the international championships.

  1. IDOCTOR magazine article "Use of roxithromycin in dental practice"
  2. IDOCTOR magazine "Use of Parontal oral rinse concentrate for prevention of inflammation in the oral cavity"
  3. Journal "Pharmateca" - "Use of ezproxy for prevention of complications after surgical interventions in dentistry"
  • 2002-Ufa Buashkir State Medical University, qualification - dentist, specialty " dentistry";
  • 2003-Ufa Buashkir State Medical University certificate specialty " therapeutic dentistry";
  • 2003-Ufa Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Buashkir State Medical University completion of internship in the specialty "therapeutic dentistry";
  • 2006-member of the Association of dentists of the Republic of Buashkortostan;
  • 2009-Moscow state medical University DPO Russian Medical Academy of postgraduate education Roszdrav certificate " therapeutic dentistry"
  • 2009-Moscow state educational institution DPO "Russian medical Academy of postgraduate education professional development "therapeutic dentistry"
  • 2013 - Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry of the Ministry of health of Russia diploma "prosthodontic dentistry"
  • 2013 - Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry of the Ministry of health of Russia advanced training certificate "prosthodontic dentistry";
  • 2014- Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry of the Ministry of health of Russia advanced training certificate " therapeutic dentistry"
  • 2017-Moscow Modern scientific and technological Academy diploma "Health organization and public health".