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Eremenko Olga Sergeevna


Eremenko Olga Sergeevna

Work experience: 11 years

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Professional biography

As a child, I dreamed of becoming an emergency doctor and helping people, and my first specialization was a fulfilled childhood dream - – an ambulance paramedic. Buut the development– is always reaching new horizons, so I decided to study further. In the process of preparing for the Institute, I worked as a dental assistant, and this field fascinated me. I entered the Institute immediately, and passed an exam «on excellent mark» (at the time of admission, I already had a medical College diploma and professional experience). In the course of practice, I began to treat complex patients with periodontitis, and it was necessary to use all the accumulated complex of surgical, therapeutic and orthopedic skills. I began to realize that this is more than a job but a– calling.

Over the years of practice, I have developed a number of proprietary techniques that allow you to achieve high results in the treatment of periodontitis without recession (rollbacks), and also developed a unique method of treating tooth sensitivity with bleaching, which allows not only to strengthen the tooth enamel, but also to make a smile dazzling. Now I am willing to share my experience and knowledge with colleagues at Russian and international conferences and congresses, and give lectures to doctors in the regions.


Professional interests

I approach the treatment in a complex way, first of all, identifying the cause of the disease. In my practice, there were no identical cases: the symptoms are similar, but the reasons are always different. The manifestation of periodontitis can be associated not only with an infection in the mouth, malocclusion, errors in prosthetics, but also with hidden factors, such as disorders in the endocrine system or the gastrointestinal tract. If necessary, I can refer my patients to specialists in other areas to clarify the diagnosis.

I manage to cope effectively with advanced forms of periodontitis. I often work with patients who come to the stage with a figurative name«blood on the pillow»when postponing a visit is simply life-threatening. Chronic infection– huge stress for the body. Therefore, I would like to tell readers that a visit to a periodontist should not be pushed to the background! The problem will not disappear, but in the initial stages it is possible to solve it quickly, and ignoring it will lead to complications. Not many people know that periodontitis can cause headaches, problems in the field of gynecology, pigmentation on the face and other abnormalities that at first glance are not related to the health of the gums. In my practice, there were cases when after treatment of diseases in the oral cavity, patients were able to get pregnant without IVF.



I am a deep student of physiology, psychology, and the relationship between physiological manifestations and emotional states. Thanks to this knowledge, I am able to speed up the recovery process of my patients. In my free time I do yoga, especially I like yoga in hammocks. Now I am actively working on launching a social project«Life Style», whose task is to give people complete and professional knowledge about how to be healthy. In the near future, a series of interviews with experts is planned on how to cope with stress and prevent its occurrence, how to prevent diseases and strengthen the body. There will be a lot of life hacks and technical innovations in the field of early diagnosis of diseases.

- 2008. Certificate of participation in the seminar«Shape and color in aesthetic dentistry» Lecturer Ryakhovsky A.N. 
- 2008. Certificate of rationalization proposal:«Recommendations for the care of removable orthopedic structures and orthodontic appliances».№2652 
- 2009. Certificate of participation in the seminar «on the practical application of professional systems for safe teeth whitening Youtuel». 
- Соавтор научно практической статьand«The algorithm of the diagnostic and treatment process in patients with dentoalveolar anomalies, disorders of the temporomandibular joint and masticatory muscles»;  scientific and practical journal«Modern orthopedic dentistry»// November 12, 2009 
- 2009 Certificate« Master Class– on the whitening system«Luma cool». 
- Соавтор научно практической статьand« the creation of occlusal-functional aesthetic restorations: achieving optimal solutions for the integrity of the dentofacial system»;  scientific and practical journal«New in Dentistry»//1/165/2010 – Moscow city. 
- 2010. Certificate of participation in the seminar«Repeated endodontic treatment. Equipping a workplace during repeated endodontic treatment, »lecturer A. Buolyachin 
- 2012 Certificate of a practical seminar Karl – Peter Meschke Zahnarzt, Course A « Ergonomic odontopreparation system for the manufacture of single crowns, bridges in the area of the frontal and lateral teeth, taking into account the materials used for the manufacture of crowns». 
- 2013. Certificate of the theoretical seminar Dr. Domenico Massironi,«Precision and Accuracy in Presentand FutureProsthetic Restorations: complete crowns and laminate veeners.» 
- 2013. Report at the I All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference« Complex dental patient» 
- 2014 Certificate«Master - Plasmolifting Class in Dentistry». 
- 2015. Certificate of Master – class«Vector Techniques». 
- 2015. Certificate of practical course«The benefits of use DOCTOR SMILE diode and erbium laser in dental practice». 
- 2015. Certificate of participation in the International Symposium« The quintessence of periodontology and implantology. Preservation of teeth or timely implantation. Collaboration instead of rivalry».