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Sana Dent Dental Clinic is a team of the best specialists in all specialized fields, certified equipment of the latest generation and service, which is aimed at solving all the problems of our patients.

Thanks to the latest equipment and the interconnection of technologies and experienced doctors, we can carry out high-quality treatment of our patients.

First of all, we made sure that the appointment with the dentist was as comfortable and painless as possible.




Dental chair A-Dec

Our clinic has one of the most comfortable armchairs in the world, A-Dec.

Dental chair a-dec


The ergonomics of this equipment allows the doctor, doctor's assistant and patient to carry out treatment comfortably.



Dental unit INTEGO

Also we work on dental unit INTEGO – It is the best dental chair in its class. INTEGO perfectly combines appearance and functionality, which allows to work with comfort and in optimal conditions. It has all the qualities that guarantee an optimal workflow: ergonomic design, high production standards and excellent comfort.– Therefore INTEGO is a gold standard of high reliability.

dental unit INTEGO


We treat with optical magnification - with binoculars, so that the treatment is as accurate as possible. And we use the intraoral camera, which allows the patient to see all stages of treatment on the screen.


Advanced technology

3D diagnostics with a safety CT scanner. with CEREC device for creating ideal ceramic restorations. Immediate implantation.


with CEREC technology

How to prepare a tooth for crown/onlay restoration or veneer, make and fix it at place in one day? 

It is possible with CEREC – in our clinic. 

The device allows to make a 3D scan quickly (a kind of electronic cast) of your jaw. Buased on numerous algorithms it helps to recreate a 100% suitable prosthodontic restoration– such as veneer/crown/onlay restoration. It takes about 10-15 min to make your restorations in front of your eyes.

Dental unit with CEREC



We have the newest CT scanner ORTHOPHOS XG 3D in our clinic to perform diagnostic procedures and make 3D images

This device allows you to create two-and three-dimensional radiological sims with a minimal dose of radiation. Due to the information content and quality of these images, our specialists can correctly and qualitatively plan your treatment, whether it is dental treatment for caries (especially in hidden cavities) and pulpitis (maximum visibility of the root canals), before planning surgical procedures and implants. Also, the multifunctionality of the device allows you to take pictures of the nasal and frontal sinuses, whose information content will be extremely useful and necessary for an ENT doctor.

3D Tomography



Philips ZOOM 4

Teeth whitening.Philips ZOOM 4! White Speed It is one of the most popular whitening systems for dentists and their patients.

Teeth whitening Philips Zoom 4 – является самой эффективно andбезопасной системой.

The whitening process occurs using special technology with a cold light source, thereby eliminating overheating of the gums and tooth tissues.